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It’s amazing to me to see how much our thoughts impact our actions. What you think and believe about yourself will have a HUGE impact on what you do. When we believe that we can achieve something we will work so much harder than if we are constantly telling ourselves that we will fail.

I first picked this up from some reading on integrity I was doing and from Pastor Rick Warren. He pointed out the verse “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” (Proverbs 4:23), coming to the conclusion that if you want to change something about your life, you have to change your thoughts first. Our thoughts control our feelings, and then, in turn, our feelings control our actions.

So how does this apply to us and fitness? Let’s take a look…

Thoughts drive ACTION with Fitness

It’s Monday morning. You get up and you think to yourself “Man, I am so fat, there is no way I can do P90X.” Maybe you push through that first thought and put in Chest and Back anyway. You get into the first couple sets, and they are hard! That thought comes back “You will never do this. You are too out of shape to succeed.” Probably you stop at that point. Maybe you even revert back to some old habits to feel better. But your actions stop… and tomorrow already has been determined. You can’t do it because you THINK you can’t.

Take #2

It’s Monday morning. You get up and think to yourself “I need to make a change! I have let this go on too long. It will be tough, but I can do it!” You put in P90X Chest and Back. You get into the first couple sets, and they are hard! That thought comes back “You can do it! You can do it!” You modify the moves doing the push ups from your knees and use the stool for your pull ups. You get done and feel GREAT! You look at what you normally have for breakfast and think “my body needs better!” Your actions keep snowballing… and tomorrow already has been determined. You CAN do it because you THINK you CAN.

Start believing in yourself!

Did you see how in Take #2 it was still hard? You can be honest about that! Tony tells you that all the time. Do YOUR best and forget the rest. What is hard isn’t bad and struggling doesn’t make you weak. Getting in there and fighting makes you strong!

When we control our thoughts and force ourselves to think positively about our situation, that impacts our feelings. We have more confidence and walk taller. Challenges don’t bring us down, and they are still hard, but we will work and work to conquer them! And that is where our feelings power our actions. We DO IT!

So let me give you some truths. Truths that I KNOW about YOU. Here’s what I, Coach Wayne, believes about you:

  • You are NEVER too far gone to make a change.
  • You can complete your workouts.
  • You will get stronger and be able to do more.
  • You can stick to your nutrition plan and track your food.
  • You are worth all your effort!
  • The results are WORTH it!

So start telling yourself those truths: I CAN DO IT, I CAN STICK WITH IT, I CAN CONQUER! Let that momentum build and don’t talk down to yourself. You were made to be a champion!

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