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The question of WHAT IF can stop people dead in their tracks. Lots of time people look back and think “What if this had happened differently… What if I hadn’t…. What if just this or that…” I can’t think of one case where that is helpful. None of us can go back and change it, so we are best to put that energy of day dreaming and wishful thinking towards learning from our past. But that isn’t even what this post is about!

We need to talk about the WHAT IF questions I see happening in the back of people’s  minds as they look to the future. Y’all might not know this, but I can read your minds! I can see what you are thinking when you hesitate…

WHAT IF I really did it?

This is the WHAT IF question I see people stalling out on. WHAT IF I REALLY DID IT? What if I really tracked my macros perfectly for 3 months? What if I pushed play ever single day and worked my hardest? What if I stopped drinking soda and beer and committed to P90X?

There is like this fantasy that goes on in their minds…. what if, what if, what if… and you can daydream about the awesome results. “Wow I’d finally have abs! I’d feel so good going out and with how I look! I wouldn’t be so tired and be able to do more with my kids! I wouldn’t be as scared about my health.”

These thoughts are good and many become goals – but you shouldn’t even waste the time on WHAT IF and the possible outcomes if it’s just going to stay there.

Do it or don’t waste your own time.

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Big Changes Cause Big Changes

You’re right, you will be making some big changes and it will have an impact. But thinking about WHAT IF won’t get you started and won’t move you towards the goal. So at this point, you really have a choice.

Are you going to believe what you have seen from me and all of teamRIPPED? (example – The Hall of Fame)


Are you just going to sit and think WHAT IF…. What IF….. what if….

I can promise you this – if you drop the WHAT IFs and actually do them, you will change.

Give me 90 days of dialed in nutrition – 90 days of a Beachbody program at home – 90 days of caring about what you drink and how you rest – and YOU WILL be changed forever. Those far off daydreams of the results will be happening and becoming your own.

For some people it might take 2 rounds, others might have a slip-up and have to start over – but every time I have seen people stop the WHAT IFs and do it – they’ve crushed their goals!

So what are you going to do? Stay is la la land thinking WHAT IF?.. or will you join me?

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