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THE SOA Challenge is starting next Monday! One of the best things for my fitness has been creating hybrids. It keeps my workouts fresh and lets me focus in on what I need most. I also think it allows you to take the best parts of each workout and trainer and make a super workout program.

For the Summer of Abs, our goal is ripped! So I have created a hybrid with some of my favorite workouts and the goal of RIPPED in my mind.

I made sure all the programs were ones on BOD. Even if you have the normal Club Membership and not the Annual Pass, then you will have access to all these. Without any more waiting, let’s take a look and I will talk through each section at the end of this post.

Coach Wayne’s SOA Hybrid

Phase 1: Cardio and QUICK!

That is the first phase… get in some awesome cardio, start building some lungs and burning the goo. Still great lifting with Chest and Back and Asylum Strength, just not individual muscle groups. We want big calorie burns and to get warmed up. The YELLOW blocks are for AB workouts. Check the end for options – I let you pick :)

No recovery week here, just a mini 2 days off at the end of week 3.

Phase 2: get RIPPED pumping IRON!

The name says a lot LOL we switch to more lifting but don’t think I drop all the cardio. We need both to get really ripped. Body Beast is now in the catalog for all BOD members, so we use some of my favorite: Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, and Legs! Still plenty of awesome cardio from the best man for the job – Shaun T.

The phase is really 2 – 3 week blocks of training. I have a double rest day (Relief and then full rest) at the end of the 3rd week. Just a mini recovery time. At the very end of Phase 2 we have a longer recovery time with some of Beachbody’s new yoga. It’s quick, well thought out, and your body will love it!


The final PUSH! I still believe it… there really isn’t a better program for RIPPED ABS than Asylum Vol 1, so phase 3 leans on that hard! Where Asylum V1 can be improved is with some strategic lifting. Beast and the man Tony Horton has you covered there!

We end with a well earned Recovery week and one final GUN SHOW before pictures :)


The YELLOW days denote added ab/core workout days. We will add these twice a week. You will get great core work in the other workouts too. So don’t worry. You don’t need more! You need to shred that body fat to expose your abs!

AB WORKOUT CHOICESAb Ripper, X2 Ab Ripper, 1-on-1 Vol 1 Killer Abs, Asylum V2 Ab Shredder, X3 Deluxe Ab Ripper

Are you in?!

If you have questions, ask. But let’s get some abs this summer!

Coach Wayne

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