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Still only days away from 2018! So where should someone start when they want to start working out and using Beachbody? Well, I’ve got some answers to that question! Come take a look and find what is best for you – cuz one size does not fit all here.

Best Beginner Beachbody Programs

For all of these, I will give my 2 cents on WHY I picked them for this list and what to consider if you choose them for your first program. Some will work for you and others won’t. The cool thing is that there are options for all.

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1.) P90X – Classic P90X: That’s right! It’s still my number one. I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest place to start. Not by far. But it’s still the best all around program and if you are willing to push yourself and modify as you need, the results can’t be beat! You get the best combination of cardio, lifting weights, body weight movements, and variety. It might look a little dated now (it was released in 2003!) but the workouts and the program has stood the test of time.

2.) Focus T25: If you are someone that wants NO GEAR NEEDED and short – 25 minute workouts, this is the one for you. Shaun T does a great job keeping you motivated and there is a dedicated modifier for all skill levels. Don’t overlook this one if you need to get moving and haven’t in a while. It’s only 60 days and once it’s done you will be down some lbs and ready for your next program.

3.) P90: This is Tony’s remake of the original Power 90. It is definitely a ramp up program with shorter – 30 minute roughly – workouts and very accessible. Modification are still big in P90 too. I would strongly recommend this as well if you want more lifting than Focus T25 but still shorter, easier workouts.

With these 3 options you can get a great start to your Beachbody journey! With all new programs, just remember to modify as you need. Intensity is what matters – so do it at your pace with your intensity. The work you put in will count!

All of these programs are great picks on Beachbody On Demand – check it out here!

BRING IT IN 2018!!!
Coach Wayne


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