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With so many people doing Body Beast for a long time, and I have seen a lot of guys using barbells for their lifts. I use barbells a lot too. Using a barbell for the squat and deadlift makes perfect sense. Barbells won’t overload your grip while doing the movements and can be much cheaper when you start getting up into a lot of weight. The caution is that you want to make sure your form is locked in when you are adding more and more weight.

I think the BEST squat and deadlift form videos I have seen are from Jonnie Candito. If you are starting to add barbell work for your squat and deadlift, I would really recommend checking out these videos. Then take it slowly. Start light and even record yourself. Make sure you aren’t rounding your back and you are picking up a lot of these tips.

The Perfect Squat Form

The Perfect Deadlift Form

So again, please take it slowly. Make sure you are getting the form down before you try to add a bunch of weight. There is nothing dangerous about these lifts, it just can become a problem when we let our egos get in the way. You always have a higher chance of injury when you add more weight. That is true for any movement. So learn the lifts. Get comfortable with them. And then slowly add weight.

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