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I love Beachbody program hybrids! You get to pick and choose the BEST workouts from all the programs Beachbody has to offer and combine them to maximize YOUR goals. I love a good hybrid because it keeps working out fresh. I like all of the great trainers Beachbody has and this allows me to see them all LOL

The idea for this hybrid came from the fact that so many people on teamRIPPED and in the world of Beachbody are getting amazing results from 30-minute Beachbody workouts. I still love my hour working out in my gym… in my garage… BUT I know some people need the option of a 30-minute workout. These workouts aren’t a joke either! I have had my butt kicked in 30 minutes with Tony, Shaun, and Autumn! So here is my Coach Wayne’s Time Crunch Hybrid!

Coach Wayne’s Time Crunch Hybrid

Just so you have some insight into how I made this hybrid schedule, I still picked workouts that would give me GREAT lifting/resistance 3-4 times a week. I just haven’t been proven wrong on this… lifting always gives the BEST results. Your body will change more when you incorporate some great weight training than if you stick to cardio only. You DON’T have to cardio yourself to death to lose BF and weight.

I made sure every workout was 35 minutes or less. Get in, work hard, and get it done was my thought! I also always want each phase to repeat workout enough so that you can see progress and work against your previous best efforts. I also tried to stick with 2 trainers per block so you could getting into their rhythm as well. I did use a lot of X3 for the transition/recovery weeks. I just think Tony does an awesome job in X3 of getting you feeling great and ready for more hard work!

I would use this hybrid if you need a shorter plan to fit your life. I would use it if you are getting back into things and need to ramp up into longer workouts. The Time Crunch Hybrid will work great for both scenarios.

Programs you will NEED for the Time Crunch Hybrid

  • P90X3 – Included with On Demand Streaming (only $2.99 a week!)
  • Body Beast – A steal for $40. Click here and it will be loaded into On Demand if you stream your workouts.
  • Max 30 – Hands down the best 30-minute cardio you can get. INTENSE RESULTS!
  • 21 Day Fix – 2 workouts – both are available FREE with Beachbody On Demand as trail workouts.

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Time Crunch Hybrid Phases

  • Beachbody Founders: Tony and Shaun! Man that MAX30/X3 Hybrid I made was such a killer, I knew I needed these guys together again.
  • Beachbody’s Beauty and the BEAST: Sagi and Autumn are a killer combo. I only used 2 workouts from Autumn as these are the workouts for FREE on Beachbody On Demand. I know many of the dudes from teamRIPPED haven’t realized how awesome 21DF is… so here is your chance to try it!
  • The FINAL PUSH – Get in and go it. See if you can beat your numbers from the 1st and 2nd phases and go all out. I love the design of the original P90X, alternating the weeks from phase 1 and 2. So I used it  again!
  • Recovery Weeks – Again, X3 is too good to pass up on for recovery and mobility work. Enjoy the break from heavy training and recovery. Take it seriously! This is real work too.

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