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So Shift Shop has really been out for a little over a week. This has given me time to try some of the workouts and go over the program as a whole. I just want to say, I think we a good one here!

The Shift Shop is Chris Downing’s first major workout for Beachbody. It is built around 3 weeks of ramped up workouts and nutrition that gets more and more dialed in. I really like both of those designs.  The ramp up in fitness is quick but that is what you want. Don’t sell yourself short on what you can accomplish. In week 1 (of Round 1), you stick to SPEED:25, STRENGTH:25, and SHIFT CORE. You get to see the SPEED and STRENGTH workouts multiples times in the week. So even though the whole program is only 21 days, you will have some goals and previous bests to beat!

Then you move onto 35 minute, 45 minute, and even 50 minute (with the Deluxe program – more on that later). So over 3 weeks, you get into some serious workouts.

The gear you need is limited: agility markers, some dumbbells (not a whole rack), and a sandbag for the deluxe/super workouts. That is it! Chris kicks your butt with limited pieces of equipment :)

Shift Shop Workouts

The agility markers look great! Their placement gets more advanced as you head through the program. I haven’t used them that extensively with my knees being less than great. These speed workouts make me think of a lot of sport agility training (footwork drills for football and basketball) and even the Asylum. If you go hard, these are going to give you amazing results. I really enjoyed Chris as a trainer and he kept me motivated. Like in the past, there is a modifier if you need to ramp up to certain moves. Pick the right weight and speed FOR YOU.

I think my favorite move is one in Strength 45 (I just right to the longer workouts). The PUSH ROW PISTON. I loved the renegade rows from X2 and the PUSH ROW PISTON takes me right back. You do a push on dumbbells, row each one and then do a cross body mountain climber (knees to opposite elbows). Pick a heavier weight and this will be a burner and give you a huge pump!

Shift Shop Nutrition

For nutrition, the plan has your dial it in and ramp up for results too. Each week you dial up the protein and then drop some carbs. This will be great for a quick cut, which makes sense with having a 3 week program. Long term you will want to work some carbs back in for performance. And as always, I prefer real nutrition tracking as the way to get the best results. The portion plan comes close, but real tracking will never be beaten.

If you get Shift Shop as part of your Beachbody On Demand subscription, you will see you get SUPER SPEED: 50 and SUPER STRENGTH: 50 as well as SUPER SHIFT CORE. SPEED:50 adds a sandbag like the one from 22MHC, the workout brings you 3 rounds of high-intensity drills to really burn some goo. STRENGTH:50 is more sandbag work and is a really good mental and physical challenge. These workouts are more geared towards functional and muscular endurance types of strength. These will be great for training for OCR like a Spartan Race.

How to get SHIFT SHOP

If you have good internet (like Netflix streams no problem), then the best way to get Shift Shop and whole lot more is to sign up for Beachbody On Demand. For $99, you get a YEAR’s access to all of Beachbody’s program. Everything that has even come out and anything that will still come out this year. That’s less that $10/mo for everything. It really can’t be beat!

Get Your ALL ACCESS BOD Account ($99/yr)

You can also bundle that with Shakeology for an ALL ACCESS challenge pack. A whole year of BOD and a bag of Shakeology for $199.

All Access BOD + Shakeo ($199)

I’m pumped about this program from TBB! I can see where it will fit great for my future hybrids and it makes me want to see more from Chris.

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