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With it being WEEK 1 for a lot of people on teamRIPPED, I feel we need to talk about something… SORENESS!

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Ok, that guy is past week 1 LOL but I would bet good money that some of you are reading this right now with a few aches and pains! The fact of the matter is that you are asking your body to do a lot more than it has recently. You are using it in new ways, muscles that are used to being dormant are waking up, and muscle soreness is here.

For a longer look at soreness and injuries, you need to check out this post on SORENESS from last year. I go into some more depth, but keep reading cuz I want to keep this one really practical.

How Coach Wayne looks at Soreness and Injuries

Unless I can look back and know where I hurt myself, I am almost positive that I am just sore in most cases. I would love to tell you that warming up will get rid of all of that soreness, but sometimes it just helps a little. The important thing is this: Unless you are injured – you need to still work out!

Don’t let the excuse making devil on your shoulder whisper in your ear that you deserve more rest, you’ve been working hard enough, or that it won’t even be a good work out. Tell that voice to SHUT UP! It’s time to work out. Even a workout that is a little slower, less explosive, is better than no workout at all.

Second thing is this, it gets better! Give it 2 weeks and the soreness will drop off. You will pick up some new soreness as you change phases in your programs, but even that seems to get better IMO. So stick it out! If you give into that voice of laziness, you are just making it longer until you get over your soreness.

For me, I don’t get painfully sore that often. And that has been my experience with other teamRIPPED Vets. I have to do something completely new or go way overboard to get that soreness like I had in my first round of P90X. But I do get tight and take longer warm-ups on those days.

Tips to Beat Soreness

  • Workout – really, you just read this. Go workout. Unless you are injured, get moving.
  • Warm up and cool down well.
  • Stay hydrated and even watch your electrolytes (BB Hydrate is great for that!).
  • Get plenty of sleep, everything seems worse when you are tired.
  • Finally, give it some time. Trust me on this one, it will get better!

So get up, get moving, and stretch it out! We got this and we will win this battle TR!

Coach Wayne

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