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Phase 2 of a Beachbody program brings new workouts and great changes! Welcome to week 5 teamRIPPED!

One Month Down of a Beachbody Program

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As I hinted at during my weekend update, at the start of days to you want to look back on your first month of your Beachbody program. If you didn’t do this last week, take some time to reflect on where you are and what you’ve accomplished. Be proud of your hard work! Here’s a great example from Amber on FB:

  • I had some major NSVs, some scale victories, and a setback.
  • Scale: Down to 206 – 63.5 lbs lost & lowest if been since I was 20.
  • NSV 1: Pants nearly fell down in Safeway. Had to start rolling them at the waist. Even had issues with my yoga pants falling down while walking the neighborhood.
  • NSV 2: Bought new clothes & I can fit in regular ladies sizes instead of plus sizes. First time since I was 20. I almost cried in the dressing room.
  • Set back: Injured myself doing too many calf raises. Haven’t been able to work out for almost a week. He’ll I haven’t been able to walk for almost a week. Getting better & can now put my heel to the ground. Gonna get back to working out this weekend. No calf raises though…..

How awesome is that!? She can look back and see what she’s done. Her clothes are fitting better and she’s getting into regular sizes. That is awesome! Even her little setback is an opportunity to grow. She’s able to see that even with an injury she can progress forward. Way to go Amber!

Moving into Phase 2: Workouts

Phase 2 for almost every Beachbody program involves new workouts. In a lot of cases, the first month is seen as a foundation phase, now it’s time to see what you can do. Enjoy the new challenges and track your workouts. Once week six comes around, you’ll then have goals to shoot for. This is a huge strength of doing programs that have phases or training blocks. You won’t get stagnant by doing the same workout over and over, but you also repeat workouts enough to see progress (and check it). This is way better than randomly doing some exercises and never tracking how you improve.

Moving into Phase 2: Nutrition

I can’t repeat this enough, but it’s time to go all in! If you look back on your first month in know there’s room to improve, do what it takes to make it perfect. I’ve always liked this idea of “dialing it in.” This is the idea of progressively getting better at tracking your nutrition for your specific goals. If you’ve been using an app like MFP on mymacros+, you should have a bunch of data to go over.

Were there any days you hit your macros that on?
Were there any food items that made you go over?
Where were the easiest places to find protein?
Where did you see success fitting in a food you might have thought would work in your macros?

Now take that experience and run with it! We’re in it for the best results, so put in the work to continue to get better.

Moving into Phase 2: Supplements

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We haven’t talked much about supplements up to this point. A lot of people like to get started on their programs before they think about supplements. I’ve written before on whether supplements are really needed. Go check that out if you haven’t read it.

Let me give you a quick overview. In short, you don’t need any supplements. You could get everything you need from the food you eat. But most of us find it pretty hard to get exactly what we need each and every day. That’s where supplements come in, a supplement our nutrition. They don’t make or break our nutrition, they help it.

For me, my main supplements are Shakeology, whey protein, and creatine. Why I love Shakeology is that it provides me a safety net  and rock solid foundation for my nutrition. It gives me all the great vitamins, minerals, nutrients that I can miss pretty easily. It fills me up, taste great, and is an easy meal too. I love the probiotics for digestion and it still has kept me super healthy over the years (even with my hands being inside kids mouths LOL).

Whey doesn’t make up all my protein intake, but it helps me hit my numbers more easily. While cutting, I think whey is huge. You can get almost pure protein without added carbs or fat. I still love ISO 100 from Dymatize and Beachbody’s Recover is a great pick too (almost all whey).

For creatine, stick with plain monohydrate. It’s proven and effective. I have written about this a lot! Read this article about creatine LOL but really, you should be taking it.

Keep Momentum UP

It is far easier to keep momentum going then it is to have it die out and have to start up again. So don’t quit! Even if you have a bad day, even if your recovery week had some mistakes, whatever happens don’t stop. I’m here for you! And we are going to get you ripped!

Coach Wayne

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