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Here it is!  The event that so many of you have been chomping at the bit to be part of!  The biggest challenge in the history of Beachbody …. The P90X2 Challenge!


Did you notice on your package inserts that Beachbody is looking for Success Stories to put in their P90X2 infomercial?  Would you like that to be YOU??  teamRIPPED did a similar challenge when Asylum first launched, and our “Asylum Legends” landed many of the infomercial slots thanks to working together and pushing each other to new limits.  In fact, you can watch some of our very own Asylum Legends in the Asylum promotions at the end of the P90X2 workout videos!  Yes, that’s our crew!!!


Our group will be called the “X2 Crew”.  We will have a private Facebook Page dedicated to the P90X2 Challenge.  Those of you who have participated in the Asylum Challenge or Misfit Challenge know just how awesome a dedicated group Facebook page is.  Motivation is never a problem with those who will plug in!  And the X2 Crew will be a group unlike any other!  Even though the X2 Challenge isn’t starting just yet, you can get plugged in to the X2 Crew Facebook page now (just so we can start talking it up!!) =

The X2 Crew Facebook Group (request to be added and one of the coaches will approve you).


Who is eligible for this challenge?  Any of you who want to tear the roof off your fitness, your results, and go for it!  The P90X2 challenge will be a reunion of sorts — the Asylum Legends are back, and many of them have since built their own teams.  They will be including them in the X2 Crew!  Plus, we’ll have many of our Misfits coming straight off the Misfit Challenge to join the X2 Crew and go to even higher levels.  This will be HUGE!  For those who love the bond, the unity, and the FUN of doing it alongside your teammates, don’t miss the P90X2 Challenge!  You don’t have to be a part of my team necessarily.  If you are international and can’t officially join teamRIPPED and teamBeachbody, that’s fine.  Come join the X2 Crew anyways!


Unlike the Misfit challenge, where I needed to have some very strict rules to help get a bunch of slackers in gear (LOL!), the rules of the X2 Crew are more laid back.  The only “rules” are that you have P90X2 (obviously), that you are at a fitness level to be able to do P90X2, and that you commit to plugging in with the group.  If you’ll plug in with the group, the rest will take care of itself.  My Misfits may not know what to do with themselves if I don’t make them log their daily nutrition #’s (LOL!), but at this point we’ve established what it takes to be successful, and ultimately, the passion and unity will drive all of us to succeed without needing a set of rules and requirements.


I hope we get a wide spectrum of participants (young and old, men and women, super fit and still working on getting fit) because part of what Beachbody is looking for in their Success Stories is a wide range of results.  I want to see our shredded studs become more elite athletes.  I want to see our struggling people get the confidence they need to finally get healthy.  I want to see the brave souls who bite off more than they can chew with P90X2 to suck it up, modify like the modified moves show, and prove to the world that even if you aren’t in great shape when you start, you can get there with P90X2.  I want you all!!  If you are willing to BRING IT!!


What about the variable lengths of the phases?  How will that work in a challenge?  P90X2 is a whole new animal.  It’s set up in phases, and each phase is 3-6 weeks.  Some of us may want to (or need to) spend longer in certain phases and less time in others.  That’s the beauty of it.  We can!  However, we will still target a set 90 days for the challenge.  For example, if you want to spend longer on strength building (say 6 weeks), that’s fine, but you will need to know ahead of time that you will want to go with 3 weeks of foundation to allow for that extra time on the strength phase.  We can customize the length of time we each need in each phase, but we must all have the same start and stop date.  With the size of this group, there should always be several others doing the same exact workout as you at the same time, and overall we will all be in the same phases for much of the challenge.


Last but not least, when will we kick this bad boy off??  The start date will be Monday, January 16th.  WHAT??  I know what you are thinking — why wait that long to start?  I want to start NOW!  There are a couple reasons for the January 16th start date.  First, there are several challenges being run by both me and some of our other top coaches as P90X2 prep challenges, and they will be ending in early January.  We want to give those participants time to finish those challenges before the X2 Crew takes off and leaves them behind.  We want them to be able to join us.  My Misfits will finish Jan 8th, and an Asylum Legends group will finish closer to the 15th.  No man left behind!! :-)

Plus, due to the overwhelming demand for the Ultimate Blu Ray kits, Beachbody is totally out of stock and have been alerting people that even folks that ordered early on that particular package, they may not arrive until early January.  In addition, the Spanish versions weren’t done as quickly as the English versions and none of the Spanish kits will arrive at your home until the first week of January (if you are one of our folks who ordered your kit in Espanol).  I don’t want people getting excluded from the X2 Crew because they haven’t received their kit yet.

So for those of you who already have your kit, spend the next few weeks sampling the workouts, or go ahead and even start if you want.  But if you’d like to join our X2 Crew and be part of something really special, mark January 16th on your calendar.

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