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I’ve talked about negative people before, but it’s been a long long time.  Instead I like to focus on the positives, not the negatives.  Ignoring the resistance of negative people has become second nature to me by this point, but in the early weeks of my transformation it was something that sort of shocked me.

And believe me, after having my results photos and videos “out there” for the world to critique for a year now, I’ve heard it all —

“You must have done roids to look like that.”

“You didn’t get stronger.  You just lost fat.”

“There’s no way you changed that much in 90 days — you are lying.”

“Your abs are asymmetrical.”

“Your dog is trying to hump your leg in the video.”

Granted, 99% of the feedback I get is positive, but yes, I’ve heard all those!  And it gets a little annoying, but hey, if that makes them feel better to try and jab at me, so be it!  It isn’t going to deter me!  Besides, I thought my dog messing with me in the video was cute, and my abs are the way God made them, and at least I can see them unlike the fat guy sitting at his computer who is making fun of them LOL!

Bringing it is HARD! Eating really, really clean is HARD! But guess what!  Those aren’t the only obstacles you will face on your fitness journey.  One of the most frustrating obstacles is the negative people that come at your from every angle — the “Naysayers” (people who resist the change you are trying to make in your life).  They come in many forms, and can be casual acquaintances, co-workers, and even your close family members.  Usually, the negative resistance comes in the following forms:

“Come on, ONE cheat meal isn’t going to hurt you.”

“What?  Are you going to work out every single day for the rest of your life without ever skipping a day?”

“Are you never going to eat a piece of cake again?  What about your birthday?”

“You are looking too skinny.” (My personal favorite!)

“You look sick.  Are you okay?”

“You are pushing it too hard and you are just going to burn out and quit.  Take it easy.”

“I’m worried that you are becoming obsessed with working out.”

“Spending 1 hour per day working out isn’t practical for the long term.  We don’t have time for that kind of time commitment.” (usually said by someone who spends at least 3 or 4 hours watching TV every day! Haha)

“We can’t ever go out to eat and just have fun because you are worried about eating healthy all the time.”

Have you heard these yet?  I’ve heard them all!  It’s frustrating, because believe me, I’d love to pig out on Taco Bueno with the rest of my co-workers, but to sit there and eat my chicken / apple / carrots while they stuff nachos in their mouth is hard.  It’s also annoying that the entire time they say things like “Are you still not eating?“, as if chicken, fruit, and veggies don’t count as food because they aren’t deep fried!

And to be called “too skinny” by all the people I know makes me crazy!  I’m 215 pounds people!!! Since when is that “skinny”??  People who have seen my “after” pics don’t call me skinny!  They call me RIPPED!!  The only people who call me skinny are the people who knew the fat me for the last 10 years!  They were just used to me being fat, and that made them comfortable.  Now I’m super fit, and all of a sudden they don’t like it!

The real issue that that I’ve made a change and I’m not fat anymore.  And for many, when you or I become very fit, it threatens them!  It makes them more sensitive to their own fitness / nutrition / weight issues.  Some will be motivated by our transformation, but many would rather try to pull us back down where we were in order to feel better about themselves.

Be ready for it guys and gals!  It’s the hardest part of making this change.  The resistance you’ll face can knock you off track if you aren’t ready to meet it head on.  I’ve learned how to respond to each of the above statements, and you’ll need to also!  If naysayers are bringing you down, check in here, e-mail me, or read some success stories from our Hall of Fame.  Focus on the positive.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  Don’t listen to naysayers.  Their negative attitude is their problem, not yours!

Something I would advise you all to do is to write down your goals, including the “WHY“.  Why did you decide to start this fitness program?  What things do you want to change about your body / mind / attitude / energy level / habits during these 90 days?  When others bring you down, look at your “WHY“.  You started this journey not out of convenience or because you thought it would be easy.  You had reasons … GOOD ONES!  Your “WHY” statements will outweigh any negative talk you hear from others.

My “WHY” included setting the right example for my kids, having more energy, and treating my body like it’s a blessing from God that I want to use for His glory and His purposes.  These are a lot more important to me than someone at work saying I look “too skinny”!  Keep Bringing It!!!!

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