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Day 90 comes, you crushed it! Before and Afters show the story. Then 180, you are still killin’ your workouts and the results keep coming. Then the months turn into years. Do you still look like those Before & After pics? For many of us, we can’t say that we do. We go up and down a bit. Some of us really fall off the wagon. But I think that looking at your lifetime transformation is important – no matter what changes have happened since your Before & Afters

Lifetime Transformations

As I look back, I love to remember what I was able to do with P90X, Insanity, X2, the Asylum, and Body Beast. Do I look exactly like my before and afters right now? No. It can be hard to look at your best and think, “Man I wish I was as ripped right now.” But over the years, I have grown a healthy few of what I did and where I am.

The lens I have chosen (yes, it’s my choice) to look at what I did and where I am is one of EVERYTHING. I want the whole picture. I can see the huge changes that Beachbody has allowed and helped me to make beyond just the physical change. I am still down tons of fat, I have more muscle, I am far happier with my appearance. But even bigger than that, I am floored at how my transformation transformed my nutrition. Even when I am not crazy dialed in, I am nowhere near where I was. I eat better! I also look at how the energy I have gained as impacted my life. I know that my dedication caused me to be more dedicated in my marriage, family, business, and faith. It was really a maturing process and it stuck!

Don’t get lost in the weeds as you look at old pics. If your goal is to get there again, then DO IT! Better yet, question yourself – What am I doing to get there again? But don’t overlook everything you have accomplished and the victories that have lasted.

Sure, BF may go up a little, but are you still working out? Is your eating still better than it was? Are you still helping others make changes for their good?

If you are, then celebrate your lifetime transformation and keep setting goals that keep you motivated to be better!

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