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Attention!  I haven’t given you a good dose of “SUCK IT UP!!!” in a while. So I need to bump this post to the top of the feed again. You know I love you, but shooting warm fuzzies at you while you make excuses for poor behavior does you no good.  You need to hear the truth!

What’s the key to sticking with the workout program, or the diet plan? 

It’s not about staying excited.  It’s not about staying motivated.  It’s about making a commitment, and then promising yourself that no matter what, you’ll Just do it!  Period!  Excitement is good.  Motivation is good.  But if that’s all that has you working out and eating right, as soon as it fades you will fall right off the wagon.  NEVER!  Decide, COMMIT, Succeed! 

Coach Wayne, I don’t feel like doing the workouts. What should I do?

Coach Wayne, I love my momma’s home cooking. How am I supposed to eat healthy when she makes me biscuits and gravy every morning?

Coach Wayne, I am a student. How can I eat healthy at campus?

Coach Wayne, I have small kids at home and life is hectic. It’s impossible for me to workout every day. What should I do?

Coach Wayne, I’m sore! Should I still workout?

Coach Wayne, I was fired up for a few weeks, but now I just don’t have the motivation. How did you overcome that?

You get the idea, right? I hear these “excuses” all the time. If we only workout and eat right when we “feel like it”, guess how we will end up? Yep! Just like we started!

I’ve worked out almost every single day for over a year and a half now. Do you think I jump out of bed singing and dancing at 4:30 am every morning? Of course not!

There are a lot of things that really do excite me about these workouts, but many mornings that alarm seems real early. And I’m still sore from the day before when I pushed it to the brink. And the kids were up crying during the night and I’m running low on sleep. And problems at work are weighing on me. And I’ve got a list of things to get done. I am there with you! I know that feeling. And the easiest thing to do would be to justify why I need to get an extra hour of sleep, or work on some other things just this once and workout later, or whatever.

I’m not superman. It’s hard work to stay committed to fitness and health and nutrition. Just like staying committed to anything in life is a challenge. But successful people make a commitment and stick to it, no matter what!

I told myself when I started this journey that this time was going to be different than all the other times I tried to get in shape. This time, no matter how I felt, no matter how hectic my schedule was, I was going to JUST DO IT! PERIOD!  I was going to work out whether I wanted to or not. I was going to eat right whether I wanted to or not. It’s NOT a daily choice! It’s a one-time commitment that you honor every day. You don’t have to ask yourself every day whether or not you will follow through. You are going to JUST DO IT! PERIOD!

When I was playing sports, there were plenty of times I would have loved to skip practice and just relax. But not once in all my years of sports growing up did I ever skip a practice by choice. Why? It wasn’t an option! It wasn’t about whether or not I felt like doing it. I had a coach that told me to do it so I JUST DID IT! PERIOD!

Even though I am your “coach”, you are really your own coach now. Tell yourself you will do this. Period. No matter how much you feel like doing it or not, you will JUST DO IT! PERIOD! And if you don’t think you’ll listen to yourself, listen to me! Cuz I’m telling you to JUST DO IT! PERIOD!

And you will never regret that decision! Ever! There are plenty of people out there who start strong and quit as soon as they don’t feel like doing it anymore. They are the ones with regrets. The ones who push through, push play, keep bringing it, and finish the race — they never regret it! They are champions! Winners! Success Stories!

Are you going to make up your mind right now that no matter how much motivation you are feeling at the moment, that you will JUST DO IT! PERIOD? If so, good! I’ll see you in the Hall of Fame!

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