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A few months ago I posted this graphic from my buddy Lance Lyell (see below), and it really got me thinking. How many of you are living the lie that you think you can outwork a bad weekend diet? I think it’s most people than want to admit it.

The weekly average above is pretty fair for a lot of people. We work hard all week and once Friday and Saturday roll around, we let the wheels come off. Your -500 calories each day that had been helping you point at losing 1 lb a week is blown out by your weekend “treats.”

While this is one problem, I still want to get back to my first question – “Is the weekend killing your diet?”


Say you think – “Coach Wayne, you don’t know what you are talking about. I eat pretty good and go all out each and every day. The weekends are what I need to keep my sanity.” It’s something… but I think it will fall flat on its face soon.

To start, there are so many unknowns in that statement. You don’t track on the weekends, so you don’t know how much you eat. We can’t look at that, so let’s look at your results. How many LBS are you losing a week? Do you have progress pics from the last 8 weeks? Can we see a trend visually in your BF%? What about that BF% – do you track that, what are the numbers doing?

Every single person I have talked with that calm this never can prove it. Their body stays the same, their BF stays the same, they have no real progress.

And it’s easy to see why if we make up some easy numbers. Let’s look back…

If your maintenance is 2300, you track all week. Get your deficit rocking. Come Friday you let loose a bit, and the real damage is done Saturday when you miss your workout and you shoot way over your energy balance! A whole week lost. Don’t even get me started if you don’t track at all.

Remember you need an average deficit of 500 calories under your maintenance each day for a week to lose 1 lb in that week. When you have days that go way over that goal, you eat up your running average of deficit days. DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD WORK!

You got this! If you need help tracking, let me know! I am here to help.

Coach Wayne

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