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This is a CLASSIC post from my Excuse Zone! I got to reading it last week and thought we need to hear it. Things get tough in month 2 of a program. Time to just BRING IT!

****Take a trip with me LOL*****

I heard a Tony Horton quote recently that really resonated with me.  He said,

“How do you feel when you skip a workout?  How do you feel right after you finish a workout?”

Think about that!  It’s really profound.  We all have those days where we just don’t feel like pushing play.  Even Coach Wayne!!! (shocker, huh?).  And we are faced with a choice — do we skip the workout or do we push play and do it anyway?

Anyone who skips a workout knows exactly how you will feel afterward — you will feel guilty.  You will feel like you let yourself down.  You will regret it.  You will start to wonder if you can actually stick with the program.  You will worry that you’ve fallen off the wagon and that you may not be able to regain your momentum.  These are all very negative and can really undermine your efforts.

But what if you drag yourself over to the DVD case and pull out your scheduled workout, put it in the player, and hit play, even if you have zero motivation to do it.  What will happen less than an hour from then?  You will feel proud that you did it anyways!  You will feel a sense of accomplishment!  You will feel victorious!  You will still be on schedule!  You will be one step closer to your goals!  You will be SO GLAD you pushed play!

So why is there even a question?  Why do people skip a workout and then try to figure out how to make up for it?  Why do they email their coach (me) and act like “confessing their sin” will somehow make them feel better?  It won’t because I’ll tell them they messed up and not to let it happen again!!!!  What would have made them feel better is to have just done the workout in the first place!!!!

So the next time you are at that fork in the road, you better not give it a second thought!  PUSH PLAY AND DO IT!!!

And the same exact thing can be said for eating clean and tracking your nutriton —

“How do you feel when you cheat on your diet?  How do you feel at the end of a day that you resisted the cravings and hit all your targets for the nutrition?”

There is no substitute for doing the right thing!  Confessing to your coach won’t do it.  Trying to work twice as hard the next day won’t do it.  Doing extra cardio to make up for it won’t do it.  DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME — you’ll get way better results AND you’ll feel a lot better about yourself along the way!

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