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Last week I talked about the folks who start my 1900 calorie fat shredder diet (designed to maximize body fat loss) and say, “I feel like I’m starving all day long!”.  I addressed why that is and what tips they can use to help.

But what about the folks who start the same nutrition plan and say, “I’m stuffed.  There’s no way I can eat that much!”

How can a person be stuffed on 1900 calories per day?  Clearly they’ve been eating way more than 1900 calories per day for at least months, if not years, before starting their transformation.  How can a mere 1900 calories seem like too much to eat?

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The issue isn’t the calories for these folks, but the types of food.  Chances are, if you are in the “Too full” group, you’ve been in the habit of fueling your body with foods that are very high in fats and sugar, so they give you lots of calories without much in the way of nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and protein.

So when you start putting the “good stuff” (protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals) in your body, it takes up a lot more room than a candy bar and a pop (a whole bag of salad has 1/4 the calories of a candy bar), so you feel stuffed.  Trust me, you aren’t eating “more”, you are just eating right!!!!

Really I have the same advice for you!

My advice is to stick with the plan and eat at least the target amount (1800 calories for men, 1300 calories for women) in order to be sure you have enough energy for the workouts.  It’s also critical to eat at least that amount of calories to be sure you don’t burn up your muscle mass for energy — that’s a bad thing and it typically happens with yo-yo dieting where you are more focused on losing weight than changing your lifestyle.

And keep in mind that to eat 1900 calories of food in a day, you only need 300 per meal/snack.  You used to eat a lot more than that per meal/snack, so it’s not about “too much food”.  It’s just that you need to teach your body how to use the right kind of fuel.  It takes a couple weeks to adjust to it, but once you do, you’ll love it.  No more sugar spikes followed by a crash and cravings.  No more impulse eating.  A steady, predictable stream of high-quality foods will take your energy and attitude to whole new levels … and you’ll start seeing great results as well!

Bring it!


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