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I have a feeling that this time of year is going to be challenging for a lot of people on teamRIPPED. Summer is coming and parties seem to follow.

I hope all of you have a support system around you. I hope you have people that are supporting you and encouraging you. But that’s not the case for everyone. If your new life looks a lot different than what people around you expect it to… you might need this!

Changing Yourself Changes Things

Deep huh? But really, when you are changing the life you live, it will change other things. There is a domino effect. You might think that you are doing this in a vacuum. You get up early to workout so you don’t inconvenience anyone. You make your own meals and do more of the cooking to not be a burden to other family members. But when friends and family only see you on vacation or at a summer party, they will be expecting the old you.

You will rock the boat when you pass on certain foods. Or when you tell them you aren’t drinking now. But stay strong! YOU have to do YOU!

Prepare Your Defenses

This isn’t to get a game plan on how to make other people feel bad or throw your changes in their face. No, you just need to prepare good, rational responses. Be proud of what you are doing and be excited to share WHY you are making these changes!

  • “Yea, I’m not drinking right now cuz I am trying really hard to get these last 20#s off. That stuff just doesn’t help me get to my goals right now. It sounds great though!” – You don’t have to condemn their choices, just give them reasons for your choice!
  • “Thanks Mom, but can I have just a little scoop of ice cream? I am stuffed!” – No one can get hurt with that, and you won’t be tempted to really binge.
  • “Oh, no thank you man. I am going to load up on more fruit!” – makes passing on a certain side dish easy.
  • “Yea I have been feeling great! I have so much more energy and am really excited to keep going! Did you hear I got taken off one of my blood pressure meds?” – Positivity is always a good choice! Be excited for what you are accomplishing and doing!

Be the Example

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At the end of the day, it is about being the example for other people. Live your transformation in such a way that it will encourage people to join you! Don’t shut people out or resort to getting petty. Just YOU DO YOU. And keep your FOCUS on your goals.

I hope you are gearing up to have a great summer season! Enjoy your family and friends. Don’t be defensive if people question what you are doing. Have a claim, positive response and remember that you are doing you! And enjoy your hard work!

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