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There are some BIG fitness tips I believe many of us know at least to some degree. Eating right, working out, etc, etc.

Then there are some others that I think are pretty easily overlooked by those starting out and even some of us veterans! Even the regular/common knowledge tips seem to get messed up. So let’s talk about these fitness tips that are so easy to overlook!

Fitness Tips You Shouldn’t Overlook

1.) Your nutrition is the most important!

Now I’m not saying there are some magical foods you have to eat to get ripped, but your results will go hand in hand with how you attack your nutrition. I go into great detail on nutrition a lot, but let’s just get this hierarchy out in the open!

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1.) [most important] Your overall calories. You have to be eating at a deficit and the only way to really know that is to track. So if you are only going to do 1 thing, track your calories!

2.) [just behind #1] Macros matter! Once you are controlling how much you eat, what breakdown of protein/carbs/fats is the next most important thing you can care about. I’m not saying only eat this type of protein or that type of carb, but your results will be the best when you are controlling and using macros to hit your goals. (EX – when at a deficit, we increase protein to maintain and build more muscle)

3.) FIBER! Tracking fiber will do so much to help you lose weight and self-regulate the food your eat. If you are hitting 40g of fiber a day, you are going to have to get your fair share of veggies and fruit.


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This is such an easy one for people to forget about. Keep hydrated and rely heavily on water. It is so good for you! It will keep you fuller, keep your muscles performing well, help your kidneys, and even keep your skin looking its best :)

It’s also cheap! Get a water bottle. Fill it up and enjoy!

3.) Sleep!

Recovery and growth happen when we sleep, not when we are working out. So get to bed! Turn off the tube and let your mind wind down. A good 8 hours of sleep will make you feel so much better and allow your muscles to recover so you can give your workouts 100% again and again.

4.) Celebrate all your victories!

Finally, you need to be celebrating all your victories. Not just the before and after, but get fired up and be proud of all you do! Did you get more reps of push-ups than last week? Share that in the challenge group! Did you avoid temptation at work? Tell your accountability partner or spouse!

We should be proud of ALL the hard work we put in, not just the results. 

So take these and DON’T OVERLOOK them! They are all working together to give you the BEST results possible.


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