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What is your purpose?  Is it important to have a purpose?  You bet it is!

When you have a purpose, you have =

More Strength

More Power

More Ability

And you have tools with which to tackle everyday life!

Does that sound like something you are interested in?  Would you like to plug into a program, with a leader, who thinks like that?  Guess what?  I just stole the above comments from the back of the “Book of Beast” workout guide!  It’s a quote from Sagi Kalev, a guy who impresses me not only with his physical prowess and knowledge of exercise, but also his mental state of mind and life balance.

Let me give you the full quote from the back of the guidebook in case you’ve never done the Body Beast workout program =

Being a Beast is about finding your purpose.  When you have purpose, you have more strength, power, ability, and tools with which to tackle everyday life.  Of course, with this program, you’ll get bigger and stronger on the outside, but I believe you biggest transformation will be within.  Your spirit, confidence, security, and overall inner peace will be a reflection of your outer strength.  When you believe in your purpose, nothing can stand in your way!

You may be skeptical.  That’s okay.  Many of my clients have said to me, “Sagi, I didn’t believe this was possible.”  I’m here to tell you this works.  I’ve seen the results again and again.  Trust this program.  You can be a Beast!”

— Sagi

I have been doing the Beast workouts for nearly in some form or another since Beast came out. They are awesome muscle building and strength workouts. Even after all this time, I’m very high on Body Beast!!

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