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Perhaps you are in the “Fat Shredder” phase of your workout program.  I was in the Fat Shredder phase for most of my first round with P90X, and believe me, if you will stick with it, you will be SHOCKED at how the body fat will melt away.

For many (like myself), going into “Fat Shredder” mode required some drastic changes in my food choices.  I didn’t want to feel hungry all the time, so I needed to find foods I could eat to keep me full, give me the nutrients I needed, and keep my metabolism going strong.

If you’d like to see the sample of my Fat Shredder Diet that I used in Round 1, CLICK HERE.

After spending quite a while researching foods, I found some great Fat Shredder foods that should be part of everyone’s routine who is trying to drop body fat.  Here’s a list of some of my favorites, which should give you a great starting point for fine tuning your own fat shredder diet:

1)  Shakeology — this superfood packs pretty much all the nutrients your body needs into just 140 calories.  Since it has a complete nutritional profile, it stops the cravings, keeps you feeling full, and keeps your body running at 100% even while you are running on fewer calories.  I love Shakeology, both as a way to aid in weight loss, or as a supplement to my current diet because of the complete nutritional balance it gives me.

2) PB2 — This product is from Bell Plantation.  If you google it, you might be able to find a local store or market that carries it.  Otherwise, you’ll have to order it online.  It is simply peanuts that have been dried, crushed, and had the fat removed.  It is a powder, so it’s not the best for making sandwiches (although you can mix water with it and it turns into a peanut butter consistency).  But it’s PERFECT for mixing with a Shakeology for a Reeses taste.  Compare this product at 45 calories in 2 tablespoons to regular natural peanut butter at 200 calories in 2 tablespoons!  WOW!  It tastes awesome in a shake too!

3) Whey Protein — Protein gives you sustained energy and fills you up without an insulin spike.  Getting protein at several points throughout your day is critical to a fat-shredder diet.  Eating lean meats at your meals is a great way to do this, but for between-meal snacks some whey protein makes an easy snack that’s great for you.

4) Pure Protein bars — I like Pure Protein brand protein bars (available at Walmart) for a fat shredder diet because they are low in sugar (2g), low in calories (180), and high in protein (20g).  I ate a lot of these during my round 1!

5) Veggies — You can’t go wrong with lots of veggies!  Baby carrots are a great snack.  And you should get in the habit of having steamed veggies with most of your dinners (like broccoli, green beans, etc.).  They fill you up and give you lots of nutrients at a very low calorie level.

6) Lean meats — Chicken, fish, lean red meat, turkey — these are all great sources of protein and fuel your muscles for recovery and growth while giving your body very little to store as fat.

7) Turkey Jerky — I get mine at Walmart (Jack Links brand).  It is high in sodium, so you can’t have a whole bag, but 1 serving has 80 calories, 15g of protein, and only 1 g of carb and less than 1g of fat.  It’s a great snack!

8) Apples — Thinly sliced apples have become my idea of chips.  They are a great snack and have a lot of fiber.   Be sure to eat it WITH the skin (the skin of the apple is very good for you).

9) Greek Yogurt — A very good balanced snack with lots of protein and good carbs, but no fat.  You can add fruit to it, or even sprinkle some Splenda on it for extra flavor.  Plain is a little sour!

10) Egg Whites — After a while, I’ve gotten completely used to eating egg whites as if they were regular eggs.  I scramble them.  I make omelets out of them.  They are basically entirely protein with nearly no fat or carbs.  And they fill you up!  The carton egg whites are very convenient.

11) Berries — Berries are superfoods!  They are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.  When you can find them on sale, load up on blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  They are super-tasty too!  For dessert, I LOVE a cup of frozen blueberries.  Yum!

12) Sugar Free Jello — This makes a great, 10 calorie, dessert.  It’s not super healthy (it has artificial sweeteners), but it satisfies the sweet tooth after dinner with no guilt!


There are a few things I use in my diet now that I tried to avoid during my fat shredder phase, not because they are unhealthy, but because they will hinder the fat shredding process.  These include almonds (or nuts of any kind), light string cheese (or cheese of any kind), P90X Protein bars, Brown Rice, Wheat bread and wheat cereals.  These are all great foods, but they aren’t “FAT SHREDDER” foods so if you use them in your diet, use them in moderation!

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