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The reason why you start a Beachbody program is really important. I’ve talked about discovering your why in the past, but as you get further and further along your journey with fitness, it can be beneficial to revisit the question, Why is this important to me?”

For me, a big part of my “why” was losing weight and getting healthy. I committed myself 100% to this goal and that is truly why got such great results. There are so many benefits that accompany weight loss and a healthy, fit body, and I wanted those things!  Longer life expectancy, fewer illnesses and diseases, more energy, more confidence in the way I look and present myself, more respect from others, and an overall better quality of life.  Getting ripped played a part of my goal but it was really a byproduct of losing weight and get healthy.  I’ve never wanted to be a “bodybuilder” or go for a really elite physique, but I must admit that now that I’m in shape, have abs and vascularity, it is fun to push myself even more.  But ultimately, my goals are more about lifestyle and not appearance.

A big reason “WHY” – Do MORE!

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Being healthy allows you to do more! This may start from a place of actually losing weight to allow yourself to live longer and simply be around to do more. Beyond that, every pound of body fat you lose and every pound of muscle you gain changes the balance between what you can do and what you still struggle with. These programs really allow you to do more in all areas of your life. Maybe you’ve never been overweight, but imagine carrying around a backpack with 40+ pounds of extra weight in it all day everyday. You know everything would become more difficult. From getting in and out of bed, climbing stairs, walking to your office, and even playing with your kids. Losing weight has the instant reward of the everyday things in your daily life become easier.

Losing weight and building muscle has an even greater reward. Not only can you do more from just simply being lighter, you now have a greater potential to do more through muscular and cardiovascular strength. This is when it really gets cool! You can find new things to be involved with that you never would’ve dreamed of. New sports, hobbies, outdoor activities with your kids, and even new and more challenging exercise. Things that would’ve tired you out simply by thinking about them now become the things that you want to do. You really start to realize that this is the way it’s supposed to be.

Maybe a little less glamorous and more practical than the fun things I just listed above is how being in shape makes you better at your responsibilities. You’ll be better at your job and able to do it more easily and even take on new responsibilities. You’ll be better with your family. You really don’t have to be exhausted at the end of the day and crash on the couch for a few hours every night. You can do more for your spouse and kids and that starts by simply having the energy to be involved in what they are involved with. Then get excited about what they are excited about. Take them along on the all fun new experience you want to have!

Enjoy Doing More.

I think about all the trips I have been able to take with my family. If I think back to the “old” Wayne of 5 years ago, these would have been totally different trips. I would have dreaded the idea of being on the go for multiple days with my six kids.  I think about the old Wayne trying to go to Disney! Six kids is always going to be tiring, but now I have the endurance and energy to keep up with them all day long. Riding rides, running to see Mickey, hanging out at the pool. Not only do I not feel self-conscious at the pool but I’m able to swim and play with them as long as they want to. I’m looking forward to using all my energy to create great memories with my family and friends. Memories that honestly would have not been the same if I never decided to make a commitment to P90X and take control of my health.

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What about you?

So what are you finally able to do more of now that you’ve decided to take your health back? What new things can you do? What new experiences have you been able to have? Pay it forward and tell people about how good it really is!

If you haven’t started to take control of your health, what are you waiting for? What are you missing out on because you’re letting the excuses get in the way? Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds everyone’s journey starts with that first pound. It won’t happen overnight but each day you will be able to do more than the last.


Bring it!

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