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If you’ve been a part of any teamRIPPED Challenge Groups, you know that sometimes people feel the need to “confess” about certain things. It often goes something like this…

“I really screwed up on my nutrition and ate a whole bag of chips.”

“I keep skipping workouts, it’s been a few weeks.”

“We had a party at my parents and I ate 8 slices of pizza!”


“I haven’t been tracking at all and just eating whatever I have in the house…”

I think this can help some people but it a lot of cases, I’ve been starting to think it’s just a cry for attention. Yea you slipped up, ok… don’t do it again! No need to dwell on it.

But now I see where they are coming from…

I need to come clean to the teamRIPPED Nation. This winter has been really hard on me.

I haven’t been tracking my food. That big trip out to Cali with my friends led to a week of eating whatever I wanted. Skittles, pizza, ice cream, soda… it was like I couldn’t stop! The week turned into another and another. As of right now, I haven’t tracked in 2 months!

Let this be a lesson to you, no one is immune from falling off the wagon.

I have put on 15 lbs… and not good pounds.

I just really needed to get this off my chest.

I know I need to get back to fully tracking and hitting my macros, but it has been so hard! My workouts have been pretty good but I have even missed one or two every week. The lack of motivation when it comes to my eating has transferred over into staying in bed longer. A lot of mornings I just don’t want to get up. I need to be the coach you NEED! I need you to forgive my lapse in judgement and effort!

Are you with me? Let’s BRING IT!

Coach Wayne

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Now I really didn’t have you believing that?! Did I?

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You better believe that I am 100% in this with you! I’ve said it before, and it still holds true, my coaching keeps me accountable. I wouldn’t be creditable if I was all talk! I’m BRINGING IT every day. I am dialed in with my nutrition. I am getting stronger and better! I would never ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do –OR- knew wouldn’t work. I will always shoot you straight.

Since I haven’t posted update pics lately (until today), I should update you on my current goals.  I hurt my knee playing flag football about 2 months ago, and I tore my medial and lateral miniscus.  So while getting fixed up, I am on NO-AGILITY orders from my doc (No more X3, no plyo, no Insanity, no Asylum).  I decided that was the perfect excuse to do some BULKING!  I’ve been doing Body Beast and eating a 500 calorie surplus for the past 2 months to add some mass.  It’s been going well.  I’m up about 8 lbs (currently weighing 235).  The hardest part about “Bulking” is that the midsection will inevitably get a little softer and those abs will not be as defined.  It’s so tempting to bail as soon as that happens and give up on the bulking.  But since I have no alternative with my knee, I’m seeing it through for the rest of the round (1 month left).  That will take me to the end of April, and I hope to be weighing close to 240 at that time.  Then I’ll switch to more of a cutting plan to reveal the abs better again and show off the added lean body mass.  I hope to be about 235 by June with my body fat real low again.  Not bad considering I was 212 after my first round of P90X.  That’s a lot of lean body muscle mass for a 40 year old guy to add in the comfort of his own garage, working out to DVDs!  That’s what is so fun about health and fitness.  Set a goal, and go for it.  Once you reach it, set another!  Keep pushing!

So commit with me! If you’ve had to make these confessions before, it’s time to be done. Turn from those things you aren’t proud of and let’s GO ALL IN! Your coach is going through (and has gone through) what you are experiencing. I’m right here with you. It’s TIME TO BRING IT!!!

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