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I get a lot of questions about nutrition tracking! And that is a good thing. You want to be accurate and precise when you track your nutrition.

Having accurate nutrition tracking is the only way to really know what you are eating and how that is effecting your results. You are controlling the variables and can make much better adjustments to impact your results than just “trying to eat healthy.”

So what are some of the most common nutrition tracking questions and errors? Let’s take a look!

Nutrition Tracking Errors

#1 – Not actually tracking!

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Well duh! This is going to screw you up. If you don’t log everything you eat or drink you are cheating yourself. Unless it has ZERO calories… it’s not a  “FREE FOOD.” So track it all. Green veggies are a common “free food” you will hear people talk about not tracking. Don’t leave them off! Tracking your veggies will show you a lot more than just calories in. Yes they are calorie light, but green veggies can add a lot of other things like fiber. Fiber is a great thing to track. So track it all!

#2 Not Changing Your Macros

You need to adjust your macros with MFP from a computer, but set them up for your goals. World Fit has many options of plans too that are easier to select. But DON’T use the standard MFP option. It is far too low of protein for any goal. Check out my post on MyFitnessPal Set Up. For those that might want to start using MyMacros+, I have a HOW TO coming soon!

#3 Not Using a Scale

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We go for super precise on teamRIPPED. Measuring cups and spoons are good for a lot of things, but the most accurate way to track is a kitchen scale. Weigh out portions. A good example of this error is with peanut butter. It is really easy to go overboard with real PB. A heaping TB is a lot more than a real tablespoon of PB. And since peanut butter is primarily fat, the calories can really add up. Look at the label, see how many grams are in a serving and fit in what you need.

#4 How to Weigh CHICKEN (and other meats)

Pre-cooked weight? Post-cooked? What!

Well as a rule of thumb, if you buy meat raw or frozen, the weights listed on the label are for that meat in that state. So 4 oz of raw chicken is what you should use if you want 4 oz of chicken.

Cooking will remove a lot of moisture and water weight from the meats. That leaves their cooked weights lighter than their raw weights. Has the pick of chicken actually changed? NO! The piece of chicken is exactly the same and the amount of protein is the same. So weigh it out raw or use an estimate for cooked weight. For most cooking styles, chicken (and other meats) will retain 75% of their raw weight after being cooked. So if you want to track 8 oz for dinner, that will be a 6 oz piece cooked. Try it sometime if you don’t believe me. Weigh a piece before cooking and then weigh it after.

**Exception Time!!! If you find an entry in MFP or MyMacros+ for grilled chicken, or pan fried ground beef – drained, those are entries for those meats after they have been cooked. You can find those for many items.

#5 Not Counting Portions

This is almost like not tracking (#1) but if you are eating something you count (like almonds, pretzels, grapes, etc)… make sure you stop at the number you tracked! If you only have 18 almonds in your plan, count out 18 and put the bag away. It’s easy to lose count and have to start over, but no one would ever do that ;-)

#6 Leaving Off Pre/Post Workout Shakes

Yes you’ve just worked out. Yes those calories were used in your workouts. But you still need to track them! A post workout shake is not a freebie. Log it!

That goes for supplements in general too. I used to use Nano Vapor as a pre-workout. It packed 70 calories a scoop! If your supps have calories, record them in your log.

Take the time to track accurately!

It’s worth it. It really is! Don’t fall into being lazy with tracking and slowing your results. I can’t tell you how many emails I get from people that have done programs multiple times without getting the results they want. The common theme is always that they didn’t take their nutrition seriously. Don’t be that guy or gal! Bring it teamRIPPED!

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