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Throughout each and every one of our journeys, we have to get real about what we eat each and every day. When you are starting out, tracking is king. You track each and every bit, make sure you use up all your macros and stay under that calorie total. If you’ve been with me a while you know that one of my big goals is to get people to a point that their lifestyle changes – they have a new healthy way to eat. I have been there for a while. I only really track hardcore when I want to dial it and get lean for summer. Most of the year I can maintain a healthy weight with just using my habits.

[CAUTION – this has taken years to be able to do. If I would have tried this after my first 90 days, I am sure I would have gone back to my old eating habits. So don’t try this too soon.]

Getting to that lifestyle of eating is also why I am typically opposed to the trendy/gimmicky diets. Doing keto might work for you, but I would really question if most people can do that for life. Or what about Intermittent Fasting (IF), it’s the same thing for me. I don’t see most people living that way. Sure, you might be able to do it for 3-6 months, but I would be much happier if you learn how to eat for LIFE than a strict protocol that is hard to maintain. Most of those diets work because in their rules they almost automatically limit calories. With IF, you limit eating to 6-8 hours… it’s hard to screw up your calories that much in that time. It can help, but over and over I see people crash and burn with that.

I see the most success from the teamRIPPEDers that have really changed their habits and made new ones that allow them to workout regularly and eat a balanced & controlled diet.

Coach Wayne’s Typical Day of Eating

Breakfast – I will start with my PWO drink – this varies but it is normally a mix of BCAAs, a PWO like Energize, and then some simple carbs. It’s rarely over 200 calories with about 50g of carbs. After my workout, I have my Chocolate or Vanilla PB Shakeology – Shakeo/Whey/Almond Milk/PB/Water/Ice. If I want it to be a little bigger I will add a banana. Average calories 550-600 and a good 46 grams of protein.

Morning Snack – Easy one here – instant oatmeal and about 1-1.5 cups. So that’s 300-450 calories in oatmeal and then a Quest Bar is a simple protein fix and about another 200 calories.

Lunch – You will see a pattern here LOL – keep it simple. If there are protein heavy leftovers, I love to bring those. Or I will pack some lunch meat or chicken, some boiled eggs, some rice, and do a spinach salad. In all, I want 40-50g of protein and about 600-800 calories.

Afternoon Snack – Whatever is around that gives protein and some fats! Beef jerky, maybe a scoop of whey, almonds, etc. 200-300 calories most of the time.

Dinner – The great meal my lovely wife Anita has made :) I have roughly tracked these and have a good feel for around another 800 calories, and I aim to capitalize on protein again. I love this lifestyle eating cuz it allows me to eat with the family, still stay fit, and not feel trapped in some protocol.

Evening Snack – Still my favorite, air-popped popcorn. Light and easy. Only like 40 calories a cup and love it!

All in all, you can see that I get about 2700 calories up to 3400 if I go heavy on it all. Most days, if I eat a bigger morning snack, I will limit lunch a bit. It is truly a lifestyle and I want to self-regulate. Protein is normally around 200g give or take.

This has worked great for me, but again, it was a process. I would not jump into this if you are just starting out. Track it all and hit those goals, but see this as a goal. You want to be able to naturally make good choices if you want to maintain your weightloss and fitness.

Pretty dull huh? Y’all should have guessed it!

Keep bringing it TR!
Coach Wayne

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