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We’ve all heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I tend to think there is some truth to that. Breakfast definitely can set the tone for your whole day and I think there are some really good options to consider when planning your breakfast.

Keys to Coach Wayne’s Breakfast

Now I use Shakeology for my breakfast each and every day. It just works for me. I know a lot of other people on teamRIPPED that use Shakeology elsewhere but the interesting thing is that most have similar breakdowns of protein, carbs, and fats for breakfast. So what I have found are a few considerations to breakfast…

If you work out in the AM:

  • Get a great dose of protein! I shoot for around 40g or so in my breakfast. I know then I will start my day with some solid muscle building protein (and start some muscle protein synthesis). As us guys get older, we do tend to need more protein to get the same muscle building response. We just aren’t as sensitive to the protein.
  • Get some carbs in! If you had simple carbs as part of your pre-workout routine (like I am doing now) then you can stick to more complex carbs. Make sure they fit in your day but starting your day out with some balanced carbs can definitely help keep you full along with that protein. A lot of people love some oatmeal.
  • Limit fats. If you worked out, fats will just slow digestion. That is why I have liked PB2 so much. All the peanut butter taste and almost no fat.

If you don’t workout in the AM:

  • Still get in that protein! I shoot for the same amount of 40g or so on rest days. It gives you the earliest chance to get protein into your system, so do it right!
  • Carbs – keep them complex. If you don’t need a bunch of simple carbs for fast energy, keep these carbs complex. Oats, come cereals, other grains, etc. This is almost always add some fiber into your day as well and help keep your full.
  • Fats – if there is no workout to recover from, feel free to use some of your fats for breakfast. Avocado on your omelet is awesome!

5 Go To Breakfast Options

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1.) My Reese’s Shakeology – You knew this was coming right? LOL

1 Scoop Choc Shakeology

1 Scoop Whey (I love ISO -100)

1 Cup Almond Milk

1 Cup Water

1-2 TB of PB2

Ice to taste

Cals – 350, P 48g, C 25g, F 8g

2.) Egg Whites and PB Oatmeal – It really can’t get much easier. Scramble up the egg whites in Pam. Use instant oats in water. Stir in PB2 to give it a boost!

1 Cup Egg Beater Egg Whites – or crack and separate your own.

0.75 Cup Oatmeal

2 TB PB2

Cals – 403, P 40g, C 51g, F 7g

3.) Southwest Omelet – in a large, PAM coated skillet, start cooking your egg whites, add extras, cover and let cook through. Then top with salsa and avocado!

1 Cup Egg Beater Egg Whites – or crack and separate your own.

0.25 diced sweet onion

0.5 bell pepper chopped

1/8 C Shredded 2% Cheese (if you are ok with dairy)

1/4 C fresh salsa

1/2 avocado sliced

Cals – 389, P 38g, C 29g, F 18g

4.) Bigger Yogurt Parfait – Super easy on the go. Just mix it up and get after it!

1.25 C of 0% Greek Yogurt – Unflavored

1/2 C Bare Naked Peak Protein Natural Granola

1/4 C Blueberries

Cals – 464, P 41g, C 46g, F 14g

5.) Protein PancakesNow I haven’t tried these, but I have made quite a few recipes from

You can search by the protein types you have available and see all the awesome recipes. On this one, I would probably pass on the maple extract and just try them as is, without it.


1 tablespoon maple extract
1 large egg white
1/4 cup oats (gluten free or regular)
1/8 cup almond milk (or any other milk)
1/4 cup APS grass-fed vanilla whey
1/4 cup pumpkin puree (could sub this with sweet potato)


I mixed the above in a food processor and then fried as six little pancakes on a nonstick pan further nonsticked with some PAM. When all were done, I topped the lot with Walden Farms’ calorie-free pancake syrup and… munched them.

Macros for ALL the pancakes:

33g protein
28g carbs (out of which 8g is fiber!)
4g fat

 Get your day going with a protein packed Breakfast!

All of these recipes start you off on the right food and get you working towards hitting your budgets without blowing any out of the water with a single meal. Stick to high protein in the AM and see what difference it makes.


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