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Talk about getting motivated! Over the past few days, there has been a buzz from Summit. Specifically there have been a number of people that have fallen off the wagon for a bit deciding ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I don’t think you know how fired up that gets me. Some of these guys have accomplished tons in the past and just let life get the best of them. There’s no condemnation or judging here. They are back to do the work!

One of the definite highlights of the week was seeing TWO of our teamRIPPED guys make the TOP 10 in the BEAST CLASSIC — a bodybuilding / physique competition held by Sagi Kalev of Body Beast.  Chet Nichols and Chris Coburn absolutely CRUSHED it with focus and intensity in their training over the past several months as they geared up to show their stuff before a packed house at the MGM Grand Arena! (*Come back tomorrow to see their pics and hear from them about their experience in the Beast Classic)

Getting all fired up like this also got one of my good friends and teamRIPPED Coach, Lance Lyell dreaming… what if he was to do the Beast Classic?! Being so motivated by one of his friends, he is staking his claim! He’s making this year the Year of The Beast! He posted on Facebook and it struck a chord with me and so many others!  So I figured why not …. I’m joining him in making the next 12 months my very own “Year of the Beast” too!  I have to get down with Lance and the Beast.

Now here’s the question —-  Do you want to join us and train the next 12 months with the Beast?  If so, I want you to join us!

The Year of the Beast: Phase 1

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We will all do Body Beast (Lean or Bulk Calendars) together starting July 7th. If you want to do this with us, this means you are committing to doing EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT. No missed days. You are committing to following my nutrition plans and guidance. We may have some different goals (bulking or cutting for example). But you are committing to tracking 100% of your nutrition. You will commit to plugging into the private Facebook group DIALY! Everyone has to check in and be engaged. Groups that are 100% focused produce the best results and draw you together like nothing else. I am still best friends with many of the first Asylum Crazies. All because we dug deep together!


  • You will do Body Beast by the book. Lean or Bulk schedule but it’s Beast. No crazy hybrids or throwing in PiYo :-P
  • You will take Shakeology every day. It’s the cornerstone of my nutrition and I completely believe it changes the game.
  • Follow my nutrition plan and tracking. We know what works here. We will be tracking everything.
  • Join and participate in the FB Challenge Group “The Year of the Beast”

Well what if you are in the middle of a round of P90X3? That’s fine. What if I am almost done with the Asylum? Fine too. What if I have a sweet Beast/X2/PiYo/21DF hybrid…? Ummmm, cool but that’s fine. This may not be for you! But if you want to be part of this challenge you MUST start over Day 1 of Body Beast on July 7th!  No exceptions (because I know that working out as a team builds unity).

If you live outside the country and can’t get Shakeology, or if you can’t afford Shakeology, that’s fine.  This challenge isn’t for you.  But everyone who wants to be part of this challenge MUST commit to using Shakeology every day (because I know that will get you max results). My other challenge groups are still rocking and rolling, they are always open! I rarely do groups like this to avoid leaving people out. But it is time to up the ante!

If you disagree with my nutrition plans or won’t commit to 90 days with no cheat meals, that’s fine.  Keep doing what you are doing.  This challenge isn’t for you.  But everyone who wants to BEAST UP MUST commit to 90 straight days of total commitment to the nutrition with no exceptions.  I will ask you to follow either a fat shredder diet if you need to lose body fat, maintenance diet, or a Beast bulking diet if you need to build mass.

If you don’t do Facebook or won’t commit to plugging into the Year of the Beast FB page, that’s fine.  This challenge isn’t for you.  But everyone who wants to be in this challenge MUST make that commitment.

It is the YEAR of the Beast, but I am only asking you to commit to 90 days. We will then go from there… but only after we crush the first 90! Lance has his eyes set on the Classic and I am pumped to get to do this with him. I am going to push HARD for the next 90 days and will see where the year takes me. I would never rule out giving the Classic a run for myself, but we’ll see… :)

This Year of the Beast challenge isn’t for everyone.  In fact, it’s for a very few.  It’s focused and targeted, and that’s on purpose!  It’s an exclusive club whose only members will be people who agree to commit 100% to me and to do what I say for the next 90 days. This is for people who need a kick in the rear and are ready to change their life.  This won’t be easy, and it’s not like the typical relationship you’ve had with me where you ask me questions but are free to do what you want.  This is strict.  This is rigid.  I will be walking right along side all of you who take the plunge and join the challenge. So don’t sign up unless you mean it!

I want in the Year of the Beast!

Here are links if you need Body Beast, a Beast Challenge Pack, or Shakeology.

Email me if you have any questions:

**There are some STUD coaches leading this up with me: Lance Lyell, Jeff Lennon, Chris Coburn, Chet Nichols, and David Jeffries. So it’s more than just Coach Wayne setting you up to get beastly results. You have the best of the best of teamRIPPED!**


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