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Madison knew he needed to make his health and fitness a part of his life as he got into some unhealthy college habits.  But changing habits is hard, and even though he did a couple rounds of Insanity and a hybrid with P90X, he hadn’t really made the All or Nothing commitment that it takes to get elite results.

The light switched on when he joined the X2 Crew for P90X2.  He knew he had to bring his A game, and he did!  He gave it everything he had for 90 straight days, and the results show that!  Congrats Madison!  Way to earn your spot in the Hall of Fame, just like you promised me you would!!!

Madison’s Story =

I partied a lot in college. Deep down I knew that I wasn’t taking care of myself but I was simply too lazy to change my habits. While preparing to graduate this past summer (which was a challenge in itself) I needed to get ready to find a job. I had actually always been a very shy person and my biggest problem was that I lacked confidence.

If I wanted anyone else to take me seriously, I realized that I needed to take myself seriously. It was time for some personal development. I decided that I was going to start building my confidence by first building my body.

I dove into other Beachbody programs and soon found teamRIPPED and Coach Wayne. As with pretty much every other individual that has seen this guy’s transformation, I was extremely inspired. I quickly made him my coach. I told him to “stay tuned” because I was going to claim a spot in his hall of fame very soon.

I was stubborn though, and “soon” ended up not being so soon after all. I had my own way to tackle the nutrition portion of my transformation. I didn’t plug in with the hundreds of motivated individuals at teamRIPPED that were there willing to help me. I basically wasted a lot of time – after two rounds of Insanity and one round of a P90X/Insanity hybrid, I had little to show for it. Fortunately, I wasn’t willing to throw in the towel. Even if I had to fail over and over again, I was going to get results.

When I heard that P90X2 was coming out, I made the decision that I not only was going to complete it, but I promised myself to give it everything I had. I took a step back and realized that I needed to make some changes to my approach.

It was time to get fanatical. I decided that I would not miss a single workout. I was going to dial in my nutrition and track every single meal of every single day using My Fitness Pal. The occasional consumption of alcohol and weekly cheat meal were going to be completely eliminated from my lifestyle. I was going to monitor the physical changes in my body and adjust my nutrition strategy accordingly. I planned to set specific goals with finite dates… and I was going to achieve them. I was going to plug into the X2 Crew’s Facebook page every single day. I planned to push others, to learn more, and to constantly become better than myself, day by day.

I decided to read through Wayne’s articles- two, three, four times throughout my journey. He selflessly offers more information and more motivation than anyone would ever need. To continue to ignore the resources that he provides would be foolish of me.

It was only once I was willing to shut my mouth and follow the advice of those that knew what they were talking about, that I began to inch closer and closer to my goals.

That snap decision to go ALL Or Nothing with round one of P90X2 changed everything for me. I began to get results. I began to feel incredible and full of energy.

One of the biggest rewards for me comes from the feeling that I get whenever I look back on my 90 days of X2. I’m reminded that for every single day I did everything that I initially said I would do. Following through 100% on personal commitments is totally new to me, and it feels amazing!

My confidence is up; I landed a great job, and feel great. I can honestly say that today’s happiness can be largely attributed to the efforts of Coach Wayne, THE X2 Crew, teamRIPPED, and Beachbody.

I now feel that it is my responsibility to not only set larger goals for myself, but to also do whatever I can to help others feel as great as I do.

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