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Jeremy has an awesome story.  It starts like so many — he was out of shape, ready (sort of) to make a change, got P90X, got his butt kicked, and gave up.  That’s where so many stories end.  But not Jeremy’s!  He eventually decided that it didn’t matter what it took, he wasn’t going to quit again.  He pushed play every day and got through a whole round, then another, then another.  But he hadn’t totally dialed in his nutrition.  The X2 Crew gave him something new – a group of like-minded teammates to push each other and form relationships with.  He thrived, and got the nutrition locked and loaded.  He rocked it!  Now he’s moving on to an X2 / Asylum hybrid for the next round!  Bring it!!!

Jeremy’s Story =

My name is Jeremy and I’ve been overweight since I was a kid.  I didn’t let it slow me down always staying active and busy but never supplied my body with the care or nutrition it needed and deserved.  I abused my body for 30 years and was ready for a change!

I’ve lived in south Louisiana all my life, and let me tell you, food in this area of the country is unbelievable!  Most food here is either fried or served over rice and loaded with so much oil and fat that it makes a Big Mac seem like a healthy choice.  I ate plate lunches, hot dogs, burgers, fries, fried chicken, and candy on the regular basis.  One of my favorite past times was sitting on my patio drinking beer and smoking cigarettes or cigars.  At one time I remember that I took pride in how much beer I could consume and smoked over a pack of cigarettes a day!

After graduating college my weight shot up quickly!  I joined a gym but always had an excuse of why I couldn’t go.  So I ordered P90X, it arrived on a Friday afternoon and I couldn’t wait to start it Saturday!!  I woke up Saturday morning and just threw in one of the disc (I don’t remember which one it was) but about half way through the video I got sick and gave up.  I remember laying there on the floor in my living room feeling defeated!!  The disc found a new home in my closet where they collected dust for quite some time.

One day, I had enough, I knew I wanted to be able to pull those disc out and give it another shot, but felt like I wasn’t in the proper shape to complete any of the videos, so I borrowed an exercise bike, and purchased some weights.  I also started making a little better choices with my nutrition (instead of a big mac or a whopper I would get a chicken sandwich), but I was still taking in entirely too much alcohol and too many calories.  I started making a little progress but still didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.

On 4/14/11 I decided today was the day!  Day 1, I made it through the entire workout and I kept telling myself “if I can make it through week 1, I can make it through the whole 90 days!”   Well I made it through week 1 and the 90 days, then went on to round 2, and round 3.  Sometime before starting round 3, I decided to start on Shakeology (daily) and I needed to get my nutrition straight if I really wanted to see results.  I figured out exactly what I was going to eat everyday and stuck to it, until the weekend came around, and then I would drink, but it was ok, because, I switched from high calorie beer, to wine, scotch or vodka.  Round 3 finished and I still didn’t have the results like Coach Wayne or anybody on the infomercial!  IT WAS TIME TO GET SERIOUS!

January 2012, I was starting a new program, P90X2, and joining this group of 600 strangers that all had the same goal as me, to get RIPPED!  So I joined Coach Waynes teamRipped X2 CREW!  Little did I realize that these strangers would quickly turn into friends that I wasn’t going to let down!  In early January, I downloaded the myfitnesspal app for my phone, and started tracking everything that went into my mouth!  I quickly realized that alcohol was out of the question, so I gave it up, COMPLETELY.  I even entered any supplements I was taking just to make sure that I wasn’t going over my calories and my ratios were correct.  My weight quickly started dropping and I could see a physical difference in my body.  My performance during the workouts kept improving everyday.  My goal with X2 was to finish below 10% body fat and I cruised past that to just a tad below 8%.

This has proved to be more than a workout program for me.  It’s been a journey to not only becoming healthy, but becoming a better person, a person that’s no longer self conscience about they way they look, a person that’s no longer dependant on alcohol to have fun.   It has truly taught me a discipline that I never knew I had in me.

Starting on 4/30/12, I will be starting a new journey with about 30 friends from the X2 crew in a X2/Asylum Hybrid to continue maintaining my nutrition, while focusing on helping others accomplish personal goals that are similar to mine.

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