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Isaac let himself get way out of shape as the usual adult routine set in (work, family, poor food choices, etc).  But he decided enough was enough, and he’s been bringing it with P90X, Insanity, and most recently with the X2 Crew.  Check out his awesome progress!!  And he isn’t done yet!

Isaac’s Story = 

Growing up I was a big kid; I never thought about being healthy or working out on a regular basis. I just ate whatever, and whenever I wanted. It wasn’t until high school that I started to actually lift weights. Sure, I saw some changes; just not the changes I really wanted. You see, I was in football, track, and power-lifting all 4 years of high school , but never got the body I wanted. It was always about strength and power; and that’s what I had. My Senior year after football I weighed 230lbs!  I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I knew I had to lose weight but didn’t know how. One night I saw the P90X infomercial and knew that if I wanted to get fit, this was the way to do it. Sure enough, 3 months later I dropped 40lbs! I was in the best shape that I had ever been in, and it felt great. I pushed play for a whole year, and dropped down to 175lbs. That was a mile stone for me; but like everyone else, I wanted more. My next step was to add some size; the problem was I had no clue how to add muscle so I ate whatever I wanted thinking I would gain mass. I gained mass alright; just not the kind you want! After that my fitness went down the drain. I had gained a lot of weight in a matter of months and just didn’t feel like losing it again. I had become lazy. Soon after I got married, bought a home, and got caught up in work and school , and forgot about my health. Over the course of 4 years I have been on a roller coaster with my health, I have lost the battle to obesity, and I have let junk food rule my life! It was time for a change. Especially since I was to be father. It wasn’t until I saw coach Wayne’s Youtube video that I decided to commit….again. Since then, I’ve been bringing it with P90X, Insanity, and P90X2. I’ve gone from 210bs to 170lbs @ 8% body fat (current) and I have no intentions of slowing down. My next goal is add lean mass; but this time the right way! GOAL: 180lbs @ 6% body fat.  It’s time to suck it up and stick it out! NO GUTS, NO GLORY!

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