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Greg has been bringing it with P90X initially, and now P90X2 along with our X2 Crew.  He’s not done everything right, but he hasn’t stopped.  He continues to get a better grip on his nutrition, and he continues to plug in with the team for motivation and accountability.  And that’s why he is getting better and better results.  Check out how far Greg has come since he began just a few months ago!!

Greg’s Story =

As a child, I was considered “husky”. That term always made me feel bad. “Husky”. I remember my mother buying me “husky” jeans. The only thing I could think off was that a walrus has tusks.

My weight as a child “yo-yo”ed. By high school I was in shape and thin. In college, I was active and biked everywhere I went. No matter how much I ate, I was in good shape. Then…I graduated and entered the “real world”.

It did not take long before I began to gain weight. I went from 175 with a 32″ waist to 205 with a 36″ waist, in 4 years. I had a bad accident and fractured my back and coccyx.  Everything I did was painful.  I quit most physical activity and became sedentary.  I took a new job where I “ate out” for breakfast and lunch most days and I packed on the pounds.

I joined nearly every gym in town over the years. No matter what I did, I never lost any weight. One day, my wife and I joined a new “elite” gym together. It turned out the trainer and I went to high school together. in school, he was the runt. Now, I was the fat guy and he was buff.  We spent a ton of money on this gym membership and got zero results.  When I went to the gym, I never knew what to do.  I randomly did stuff.

Eventually, I ballooned up to 235 pounds and had trouble buttoning my 38″ pants.  I had enough and decided something needed to change.  I bought a cheapo stepper from an infomercial.  It broke within weeks.  I tried to run, but “I can’t run”.   I thought I looked like Arnold, but I didn’t.  How messed up is that?

Then one day I found P90X on TV.  I watched “youtube” videos of people who were doing this program.  I watched to infomercial many times and eventually I  bought it.  I knew I could do it!  I failed to the fit test, but started to program anyway.

I quit the program before the first week was over.  I was so out of shape, I would see spots when I worked out.  I fainted and puked, during the workouts.  I was sick and needed help.

After about six months, I tried again.  I thought I was doing great.  90 days later, I looked at my calendar and realized that I missed over 45 days of workouts.  I did another round, and missed over 30 workouts.  I thought I was buff.  In reality, I was still a fatty.

Eventually, I got focused.  I found my coach (by accident) and realized that I had been fooling around.  I needed to commit.  I needed to change.  I needed to pay a price.  The price was not monetary, it was sweat…it was gritting my teeth…it was (and is) pushing play everyday…working a plan and planning to work…it was nutrition…it was


I am the guy who failed his way forward.  I am still working at it.  I am not perfect.  I just keep working at it.

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