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Alan has been a key member of our X2 Crew, and these past 90 days he absolutely CRUSHED it!  He could have made excuses about his health and previous injuries, but he didn’t.  He checked all excuses at the door and went for it!  If anyone wonders whether or not P90X2 works, check this out!

Alan’s Story =

My story begins like many others.  I was a former college athlete, playing baseball and also club hockey in college.  I was never in great shape, even at my peak.  I stayed active, continuing to play hockey and baseball in men’s leagues.  However, my social life also remained active and was winning the battle, causing me to add a little weight on year after year.  About 6 years ago, after a 4-wheeler accident I had a laminectomy on my lower back,  L4-L5, as both discs were ruptured.  I figured this gave me a perfect excuse to continue not really doing anything about my health and body!  My back and core were weak and I knew I should be doing something for them, but just never really got anything going.  Following my return from a vacation for my 10 year wedding anniversary, I stepped on the scale at 202 pounds!  I had always been around 180-185 so this was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”!  Although in this case it was a 200 pound fat guy, not a straw!   I had watched the P90X commercial numerous times and decided it was time!  Time to do more than just watch the commercial.  Time to stop making excuses!   I did the workouts, but only pushed my way through about 60-70 days of the program.  I still paid no attention to nutrition.  I was able to “drop” my weight to about 190 pounds and thought that probably was good enough.

At this point we had 2 girls with a third little angel to come later.  For the next couple years I just seemed to be on cruise control doing nothing.  Meanwhile my wife was getting up early and working out every morning, training for her triathlons or marathons.  Her commitment was inspiring, so I decided to bust out P90X again and commit to it as well as focusing on my diet a bit more.  Notice I said a “bit” more.  Still clueless about what I should really be eating, I ate less junk food, but not more good food!  We had little girl number three, so my wife decided doing P90X with me would be a good way to get back in shape before her race season began.  Having a partner to work out with was great.  She continued to push and motivate me and keep me on track in terms of working out.  We completed the program, while I slightly modified my diet. This time, I got down to about 175 pounds and was in pretty good shape.  Really the best shape I had ever been in, up until that point.  But apparently I had not yet learned that history repeats itself and I once again went back to my former lifestyle and went soft and put on weight.  I saw Coach Wayne’s video and wanted those kinds of results!

Enter P90X2!!  New program, new exercises, new year…Time for a new ME!!  I joined his team and the challenge group that followed – X2 Crew!  For 90 days I was relentless with my workouts, relentless with my nutrition.  And with Coach Wayne’s help and diet suggestions I learned a ton about nutrition.   I took Shakeology every day and credit a big part of my resolve with the nutrition turn around to Shakeology.  It was my breakfast every morning and got me on the right path for the day.  I logged everything I ate… counted calories, counted fat, counted carbs, counted protein!  I actively participated in the challenge group, both receiving and offering encouragement and conversation with the other members.  90 days later I was down 17 pounds and dropped by body fat from almost 18% to 8.5%!  I am now in the best shape of my life!  My back feels great.  I am able to do more physical labor than I was before my surgery.  I love to golf, but my back had always tired after 12-13 holes, not this year!  I run a small business that distributes paper and thus involves a lot of lifting.  I can load and unload boxes without tiring or being in pain! I used to frequent the chiropractor on a regular basis – not any more.   Yard work is no longer a pain, which may not necessarily be a good thing.  ;)  I am thinking about playing hockey again for the first time in 7-8 years.  I can carry my daughters up and down the stairs at will – even the older one.  P90X2 has given me back a part of my life I didn’t think I would ever get back and for that I am grateful.  Thank you P90X2, thank you Beachbody, thank you coach Wayne and the other folks of the X2 Crew.  I can’t wait to start my next challenge and hopefully lead a few people around me to get in the best shape of their life!  I will NOT let history repeat itself this time!


Alan Downe

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