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Hey teamRIPPED!  The big finale of the Beachbody Challenge culminates next month with the announcement of the $100,000 Grand Prize Winners (one male and one female), as well as the $25,000 Ultimate Health Transformation Winners (one male and one female).

We’ve had many daily, monthly, and even quarterly winners from teamRIPPED.  But this is the YEARLY contest — the very best of the best.  And in the Ultimate Health Transformation Male Category, and Shawn Swisher from teamRIPPED is one of the 4 finalists!!

Shawn has been a member of teamRIPPED since 2010, and it’s been my total pleasure to coach him from the time he signed up and made me his coach 3 years ago.  He has completely transformed the trajectory of his life by losing over 70 lbs and getting off obesity-related medications.  He also inspired his wife and kids — and pretty much his entire school and town (he’s a teacher and a coach).  He then took the next step and paid it forward by becoming a Beachbody Coach and motivating others.  Ironically, a family friend of Shawn’s — Bob K. — was so inspired and motivated by Shawn’s results and coaching that he also got amazing results and is also in the final 4!  What a small world!  So Shawn not only transformed himself, but he’s transforming others.  That’s the ripple-effect at it’s best.  When we decide to take control of our health and fitness, the opportunity to inspire and affect others can go so much farther than we ever imagined.

Congrats to Shawn, Bob, and everyone who is in the finals!!!  Now let’s bring home that prize!!!!!!

You can vote once per day, every day, between now and May 27th.  So we have 2 weeks to put the power of teamRIPPED nation to work and help Shawn win the title!  Commit to voting every day.  It only takes a minute.  And it supports Shawn and our team.  If you were a finalist, I know you’d want the thousands of your teamRIPPED teammates to stand behind you and show their support.  We can get it done!!   Every vote counts, every day.


When you see the finalists, scroll down to the last row and you’ll see Shawn.

My man Shawn, I’m so proud of you not only for the amazing health and fitness changes you’ve accomplished, but because you have totally paid it forward by helping hundreds of others do the same, like Bob!

Bob, your story is awesome man!  I’m so glad that you are indirectly part of our team through Shawn.  Congrats!!

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