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With a name like “Tough”, you better Bring it! And Carl “Tough” James does not disappoint! He’s been one of the most consistent people I have known over the past 3 years that I’ve been a Beachbody coach.  When Carl hit 245 lbs, he knew a fad diet wasn’t going to change anything. He needed a total lifestyle change.  He’s done exactly that.

Carl started his fitness journey with P90X.  Then he did Insanity.  He’s since done many of the other Beachbody workout programs, as well as becoming a coach himself.  He continues to motivate and inspire.

If you never saw his P90X/Insanity/Asylum  transformation video, you are missing out!  This is what it’s all about gang!!!

I’m proud to have Carl representing teamRIPPED!!

Carl’s story in his own words:

I always been overweight all my life. I ate fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner. You couldn’t pay me to stay away from Mc Donald’s 2 for 2 Big Mac deals. Wash that down with a big cup of sugar filled kool aid, a couple of hostess honey buns for snacks throughout the day and you’ll get a gist of what my diet was like. I always wanted to be fit but I never had the drive to keep going I fell for the gimmicks, I bought the ab lounge and all types of other silly gadgets. Thinking I would get that quick fix…but nothing. I always fell off the wagon. Fast forward to Mid 2009. My bro kept telling me about this program called P90X. We bought the DVD’s and tried Cardio X and damn near passed out. Lol We were like “screw this” and we put them right back down. I kept up my bad eating habits and 7 months later one night I was watching TV and I saw the informercial for P90X again and I remembered that we had the dvds. I was at my breaking point. I was sick and tired of being “sick and tired”. Not having energy and just feeling sluggish. I told my self then that I was gonna get through P90X…or die trying. I remember it like it was yesterday. Me and my bro started Day 1 of P90X on May 17th 2010. I was 245lbs That first week was KILLER..everything ached..I couldn’t even walk. It was TOUGH!! But I listened to Tony Horton “Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”. And that’s exactly what I did. My brother and I changed our eating habits cold turkey on day one and followed the nutrition guide rigorously. After the first couple of weeks I noticed the pain was less, and my body was adjusting to the workouts. I had also had jumped on and found other people that also started around the same time I did. That was my support group and it helped me stay accountable for my workouts. I couldn’t let them down and I couldn’t let my self down. We all got through it together. By the time I finished Round 1, I had dropped 35 lbs. I went from 245 lbs to 210 lbs. I was proud! I had achieved the seemingly impossible, I had conquered P90X. During my recovery week. I stumbled upon this website called TeamRipped. I saw Coach Wayne’s results and got even more excited! I’m thinking this guy knows what he’s doing, I switched beach body coaches, joined teamRIPPED and embarked on my quest for P90X Round 2. Round 2 I knew what to expect, so I brought it even harder. I began to get stronger, I was able lift more and do true unassisted pull ups this round. That was MAJOR!! I slowly saw the body fat begin to melt away and my back really began to form. I started to see my top abs show a little. That was it…..”Aint No Stoppin” (In Tony Horton Voice) I’ve never seen my abs in my life!!! I was hooked after Round 2. So I wanted to try more beach body products. So as of right now I’m 195 lbs and I’m in my second month of Insanity. My goal with this is to drastically drop my BF%…I want to see those abs more. After I get through Insanity, I’m eagerly anticipating Coach Wayne’s P90X/Insanity Hybrid! I know it’s gonna be glorious. And I think that’s the round where I’m really gonna transform even more! People ask me all the time “What did you do?” “Does P90X work?” I tell them all YES, I am living proof along with a million other people. But you have to want it…I can’t give you that desire. You have to want to do it for you. And believe me you can do it! Sure it’s tough at first, but you will get better!! Ab Ripper X still kicks my ass from time to time…I hate it….but I love it! =-) Big Shout out to Coach Wayne! You are truly an inspiration brother.

Keep Pressing Play My friends!! TeamRIPPED 4 LIFE!!!!!

-Carl J.”

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