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Calling all ego-maniacs!!  Time to put-up or shut-up!!  Who’s brave enough to enter the teamRIPPED challenge?? If you want to really step up your game and let everyone know where you’re at and where you are going, this is it.

We will all be able to see if you can set your goal, press on, and make your mark in teamRIPPED history!  So if you want to be held accountable and leave yourself no choice but to BRING IT, this is your place! Can you match my transformation?  Can you beat it? PROVE IT! Talk about motivation to push for every rep and stay true to the diet!

What I need to enter you in the teamRIPPED challenge: Email me your pics (Day 1 and any progress pics as you go).  Also include your start date.  Give me a short snippit of your story and your transformation goals, along with a short “quote” if you’d like. (And yes, I will post them right here on this page for everyone to see!)  Then let’s see who really has the game to call their shot and back it up!

Log in here and keep us updated on your progress.  See you on the infomercial … if you dare!  Bring it!

The rest of teamRIPPED can check in here and make comments / give encouragement / vote on who they think is Bringing It the best!

*****Meet our Contestants!!*****


Darryl is 6 ft, 165, and already looking fit and toned from his first round of P90X.  This round he wants to take it to a new level and really get ripped with a P90X hybrid!

Darryl Day 1:

Darryl Progress Pics (Day 120 — 9/14/2010):  — And he’s still Bringing it!!




Debra has seen major progress with her 4 months of Insanity.  She is now ready to do an Insanity & P90X Hybrid  and continue to get ripped!  Look out guys, this girl is BRINGING IT!!

Debra Current Day 1 Pics (starting an Insanity & P90X hybrid):


Debra Progress Pics (Day 45 of her hybrid)


Jamie was 265 lbs just one year ago.  He’s been bringing it big time with Insanity and last week weighed in at 211!!!  That’s 54 pounds gang!!!!  He wants to continue to lose body fat and get ripped.  He’s on a mission!

Jamie Pics from day 1 (265) to now (211 ant tan!), starting this round:

Jamie Progress Pics (Day 90):




Michael F

Michael started at P90X at 5’7″, 150, with the goal of maintaining his body weight while converting the extra body fat to pure muscle and getting totally ripped by Bringing It every workout and giving his all to the nutrition and supplements.  He is staying motivated and focused by meditating on the following Scriptures:  1 Cor. 6:19 and Phil 4:13.  Bring it Mike!

Michael Pics from Day 1 (July 5):


Michael Progress Pics (Day 120) Veins popping, even veins on the abs — that’s how you know you’re SHREDDED!



Hank started P90X on July 21, weighing 177 lbs.  He was borderline diabetic and knew he needed to make a change.  His goal is to get into the 150-155 range by Day 90.  He stays focused on God’s way of saying Bring It — Col. 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord rather than for men”.  I like that!!

Hank on Day 1:

Hank Day 90!!  He went from 177 to 155!! Awesome!  These Day 90’s are also Day 1 of his Round 2!  He’s going to do a RevAbs/P90X hybrid to get totally ripped!


Mikey B

Mike B begins P90X at 191 and 20.4% body fat.  His goal is to lose 15 lbs and get to 11-12% body fat by Day 90!  Mike B is thinking about Hebrews 11:1 as he  looks ahead 90 days:  “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not seen.”

Mikey’s Day 1 pictures (8/23/2010):

Mikey’s Progress Pics — Day 60! (and just for kicks he included the far left pic — 60 days BEFORE he started the X!)  Quite a different person you’ve become!




Garret knows by joining the teamRIPPED challenge he is accountable to us and that we will keep him pushing play for 90 days.  He knows it will be hard, but is committed to “working my butt off without getting discouraged and staying positive”!  You can do it Garret!  Can’t wait to see Day 90!

Garret Day 1 Pics (8/23/2010):

Garret Progress Pics (Day 30 — Down 14 lbs):


Dawn is a competitive swimmer, and her goal is to spend the next 90 days doing both P90X and swimming 3-4 days per week, and get in great shape and lose 20 lbs!

Dawn day 1 pics (8/23/2010):

Dawn progress pics:

*******coming soon*******


Paul actually went through an impressive 90 day transformation last year, but through a series of circumstances he let himself get out of shape again.  He is now ready to do it all over, but with even more focus and determination to get totally ripped.

Paul’s Day 1 Pics (8/23/2010):

Paul Day 90.  He is RIPPED!!!!:



Maria has done a round of Insanity already, but admits that she didn’t stick with the nutrition.  She just started again on 8/23/10 with Insanity and Turbo Fire prep series!!  This time she means business with the nutrition and wants to see extreme results!

Maria Day 1 pics (8/23/10):

Maria progress pics:

****coming soon*******


Tim comes in to the challenge looking more like an after photo than a before photo!  They actually ARE his after pics from the Round of Insanity that he just finished on Sunday!  He’s now rolling into a P90X/Insanity hybrid for Round 2.  Oh, and can you guess how old Tim is??  He looks younger than me!  (He’s 52 btw!!) Look out Tony Horton!

Tim Day 1 pics (8/22/2010):

Tim progress pics:


Noel isn’t messing around!  He’s a big guy.  He started Day 1 at 280 lbs.  He’s at Day 30 now, and already down to 260.  20 lbs in 30 days!  Noel is BRINGING IT, ladies and gents!  His Day 90 should be out of this world!  And he’s a cool guy too!

Noel Day 1:

Noel progress = Day 90!!!  Way to BRING IT man!!!!!:

Nick G

Nick is just 17, but has already completed a round of P90X and lost 12 lbs.  He is 6″, 168.  He is starting Round 2, a P90X / 1-on-1 hybrid!

Nick Day 1 of Round 2:

Nick progress pics (Day 120):


Norman is a 45 year old military veteran who had a serious injury and broke his back and shoulder after a fall on a construction site.  After his accident, he went from 155 to 278!  He started having serious health problems as a result of his weight gain, and is now ready to lose weight and get fit again!   You can do it Norman!

Norman Day 1:

Norman progress pics (Day 90 — Down to 229!!)   Norman isn’t done yet and is rolling right into Round 2!!:


Gerry is 6’3″, 230 lbs (after losing 80 lbs in the last year!  Way to go!!).  He’s an Insanity graduate, looking to take his fitness to the next level with a hybrid P90X workout!

Gerry Day 1:

Gerry progress pics (Day 90):


Brad is 47.  He’s starting at 5’9″, 194.  He bought P90X 3 years ago, but finally opened the box this weekend (LOL!) and is ready to show everyone what he can do in 90 days!!  I see some serious potential here ladies and gents!  Let’s do this Brad!

Brad Day 1:

Brad progress pics:

****coming soon*****

Chris F

Chris is a 37 year old father of 3.  He starts at 6′, 202 lbs.  He is starting a P90X / Insanity hybrid with a goal to get to 185 lbs and 13-15% body fat by Day 90.  I know you’ll get there Chris.  The only question is will it be by Day 90 … or SOONER!!

Chris Day 1 pics:

Chris progress pics:

****coming soon*******

Jon C

Jon C finished 1 Round of Insanity and got good results (see the before/after below).  But he admittedly didn’t give 100% to the nutrition and is now ready to see some BIG results for his second Insanity Round!!

Jon Round 1 Before/After:

Jon progress pics:

*****coming soon****

Phil K

Phil started P90X at the beginning of August, 2010. He had gotten out of shape and weighed in at 188.  His goal is to get ripped and get to 173 lbs.  He is training to the motto of Lou Holtz: “Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.”

Phil Day 1:

Phil Progress (Day 30). (Yes I said 30!  Looks more like a Day 90!  Reset that original goal Phil cuz you’re blowing way past that!)

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Jeff H

Jeff literally CRUSHED his first round of P90X.  He looks awesome!  But he wants more!!  He is starting Round 2 of P90X Classic with the goal of improving upon the amazing results he got in Round 1.  Wow Jeff!  Bring it!

Jeff’s first round Day 1-90 progression:

Jeff Round 2 progress pics (Day 150):


Alisa just began (on Aug. 30) her THIRD round of P90X, but in the past she didn’t focus much on the nutrition side of things.  This time around she is giving her all to the nutrition and supplements as well.  She is using Shakeology, Results/Recovery formula, and targeting 1400 calories per day on the fat shredder %.  She wants to go from 161 to 150.  I bet focusing on these will really bring out the most from her workouts!

Alisa Day 1:

Alisa progress pics (Day 60, showing GREAT progress!!!):


Pam has an awesome story about how, at 38, she has decided to be “FIT BY 40”, not just for herself but because she knows that it will enable her to do the things God has in store for her in the future.  Read her story in the comments section.  It’s awesome!

Pam Day 1:

Pam progress pics:

****coming soon****

Chris H

Chris H. started P90X on Aug. 30 after getting it for a birthday present for him and his wife!  He has a family history of obesity and has decided it STOPS with him!  He started at 205 and is taking his transformation very seriously, tracking everything he eats and giving it 100%.  He wants to finish Round 1 at 185-190, with 12-13% body fat.

Chris Day 1:

Chris progress pics (Day 30):


Ron just started P90X on Sept. 7!  He is currently 219 and wants to see 200 by the end of round 1, and then set his sights on 185.  Bring it Ron!!

Ron Day 1:

Ron Progress pics:

***coming soon***

Tim R

Tim R. is a 46 y.o. former collegiate cheerleader, who graduated at 190 lbs.  He has gained 70 lbs since then and is tired of being tired, and tired of “big guy” comments.  He will be bringing it until he gets back down into the 190’s!  One Round.  Two Rounds.  Whatever it takes.  This is it!

Tim R. Progression from Day 1 / 30 / 60 / 90 (Tim lost 41 lbs in 90 days!!!):

Don G

Don started P90X July 11th, with the goal to get in the best shape of his life and lose 20 lbs!  He’s been giving his all to the nutrition and the workouts, and he’s seeing big changes at day 60!

Don Day 1:

Don Progress (Day 60):

Philip T

Philip T. has done P90X off and on for several months, but is now fully committing to a P90X / Insanity Hybrid.  He is 5’4″, 155 (but started at 170!)

Philip Day 1:

Philip Progress pics:

***coming soon****

Erik W

Erik just started Insanity on Sept. 6, weighing in at 6’2″, 270.  He is planning to be a firefighter, and wants to “get into firefighter shape”!  His goal is to drop to 210!

Erik Day 1:

Erik Progress pics:

***coming soon***

Jon S

Jon is 6′ tall and started at 270 lbs in March of this year.  He started P90X and started to see big changes, but didn’t complete the program.  He’s restarting now (9/16/2010), and compared to these Day 1’s from March, his Day 90 pics will be INSANE!!  I know it!  He is counting on us to keep him accountable to stick to it and reach his goals!

Jon Day 1 (270 lbs in March):

Jon Progress pics (Day 60, weighing in at 205):

Thom F

Thom just started Day 1 on 9/18/2010 and is excited to be part of the teamRIPPED challenge!  Bring it Thom!

Thom Day 1:

Thom Progress pics (Week 1 after a health setback held him up for a few weeks).  But he’s cleared to BRING IT again.  And he is!!:

Curt S

Curt is 5’10”, 207 (Down from 223 earlier in the year by jogging and eating healthy).  As he begins P90X, his goals are to lose body fat and take his fitness to the next level.  He knows he can do it because the Bible tells him so!! (Phil 4:13).  Bring it Curt!  I’m pumped to have you on teamRIPPED!!!

Curt Day 1 Pics:

Curt Day 90!!!  Congrats!  Down 33 lbs in 2010!  Next he’s going to spice things up with a hybrid for 2011!:

Russ A

Russ is entering Phase 2 of Insanity, and is currently 220.  At the beginning of the year, he was over 300!!  He still wants to lose an additional 35 lbs and tone up!  Keep it up Russ!

Russ Day 1 pics:

Russ Progress pics:

***coming soon***

Ron H

Ron started Day 1 at 5’6″, 192.  He was unhappy after gaining weight following shoulder surgery.  He began with a goal to get down to 160 lbs!

Ron Day 1:

Ron Progress — Day 60 — Down 29 lbs so far!  Way to go Ron!


Damon started P90X on Sept 21st.  He was tired of being winded just playing with the kids or climbing some stairs.  He said NO MORE!  He’s put off family pics twice because he doesn’t like how he looks.  He’ll be ready for those pics in 90 days!  His biggest challenge will be the diet (I hear you on that!  But I know you can do it!)

Damon Day 1:

Damon Progress pics (Day 30, down 13 lbs!):

Justin G

Justin is 5’9″, and last year he weighed 310 lbs!  He did 2 partial rounds of P90X, but didn’t finish either time.  He did lose quite a bit of weight though, finding himself at 260 in August of this year.  He started Insanity, with much more resolve  this time!  He’s already down to 240!  Great progress!  Stick with it this time and lets get all the way to your goal!

Justin pic montage (310 lbs – 260 lbs – 240 lbs):

Justin continued pics (10/10/10 — Done with Insanity at 237!  Next up — a hybrid!):

Peter H

Peter is 5’8″, and 175 lbs.  He wants to LOSE fat but GAIN weight, which will require putting on a lot of muscle!!  He’s starting P90X 10/2/10!  Bring it Peter!

Peter Day 1:

Peter progress pics:

**coming soon**

Hank M

Hank is 40 years old, 5’9″, and started P90X at 150 lbs.  He has always been athletic, but had let himself get out of shape and lazy.  But since he hadn’t gotten “fat”, no one noticed but himself!  He was ready to make a change, and started P90X in June.  His progress pic is Day 80, and he’s still 150!  But for all of you worried about the weight, look at Hank!  No change in weight but look at the change in physique!  He’s in this for the long haul and is going to be a P90X lifer!  Way to go Hank!

Hank Day 3 – Day 80:

Hank progress:

**coming soon**

Laurie K

Laurie started Insanity today (Oct. 4)!  She has a goal of losing a little more than 10 lbs, getting healthy, fit, having energy, and taking care of her body, the temple of the Holy Spirit!  Dig Deep Laurie!  And thanks for stepping out on the teamRIPPED challenge!  We will keep you motivated!!

Laurie Day 1:

Laurie Progress pics:

**coming soon**

Kevin M

Kevin is a BUSY guy (works 50 hrs per week, student, 3 kids, etc.), but he was tired of being out of shape and decided to BRING IT!  He started Sept 1 at 230 lbs and 33% body fat.  His goal is to get ripped and give 100%!

Kevin Day 1:

Kevin progress (Day 30 — MELTING AWAY THE BODY FAT!!! WOW!!):

Mike M

Mike just finished Round 1, and is ready to join the teamRIPPED challenge for Round 2.  He lost 20 lbs during Round 1 of P90X, and for Round 2 he will be doing a P90X / Insanity hybrid!

Mike Day 1 of Round 2:

Mike Round 2 progress (Day 120):

Kevin C

Kevin started P90X on 10/9/10, weighing 247.  He has always been big, and is ready to get ripped.  His goal is to get down to 215 as he gets ready for the Police Academy!  Go Kevin!

Kevin Day 1:

Kevin Progress:

**coming soon**

Paul H

Paul H is 45, and recently finished his first round of P90X Lean.  He lost 23 pounds and got in much better shape.  He’s now going beyond Day 90 as he works on Round 2 (P90X Classic).  Bring it Paul!

Paul Day 1:

Paul Day 90:

Brad C

Brad is 30 days into P90X, and he’s totally ROCKING IT!  He’s gone from 185 to 163 in just 30 days.  He got very out of shape following a near-fatal car accident, and even though he’s still got some pains and limitations from those injuries, he’s not letting anything get in his way!!  Way to go Brad!!

Brad Day 1 through Day 30 progress:

Brad progress pics (Day 60, down to 152 lbs!):


Nicole B

Nicole is a 36 y.o. mom who starts her transformation at 5’8″, 176.  She got through about half of P90X last year but stopped after a back injury.  She is now ready to BRING IT and get to her goal weight of 14o!!  We’re right here with you Nicole!

Nicole Day 1 (Oct4):

Nicole progress pics:

**coming soon**

Nathan L

Nathan is a pastor who begins today (10/18) at 6′, 248 lbs.  His goal for round 1 is to get down to 205 and become ripped!  I know you can do it bro!

Nathan Day 1:

Nathan progress:

**coming soon**

Cory L

Cory started on 9/20 at 195 lbs, with the goal of getting ripped, losing the man boobs, and revealing those abs!  He’s been bringing it hard!

Cory Day 1:

Cory Day 90:


Kristian has already finished 1 round of P90X Classic (it shows!).  Now he’s starting round 2 with a hybrid including P90X, Insanity, P90X Plus, and 1-on-1’s.  His goal is to maintain his weight while trimming body fat to 6% and getting shredded!

Kristian Day 1 of Round 2:

Kristian progress pics (Week 8 of his hybrid):


Ron just sent me his Day 1 through Day 150 progress.  This is an amazing transformation!  We need him to put a video together so we can show the world another teamRIPPED stud!!!  Way to go Ron!  Check out how ripped Ron got in 150 days!

Ron Day 1 – Day 150 using P90X:

Trevor G

Trevor has been flying under the radar, which isn’t easy since he’s 6’10”!!  He makes me look tiny!  He just sent me his transformation pics of his 5 month journey, doing a round of P90X followed by a round of Insanity.  He rocked it!  He lost 50 lbs, going from 333 to 285.  The dude’s a BEAST!  He’s going to take a short recovery break then do it all again!

Trevor Day 1:

Trevor Day 90 (finished P90X, starting Insanity):

Trevor Day 150 (finished Insanity):

Andrew A

Andrew started P90X but hurt his foot running.  He’s now restarting (Day 37 …. or should we say Day 1 again!).  Bring it Andrew!

Andrew Day 1 of the restart:

Andrew Progress pics:

**coming soon**

Kaleb N

Kaleb just got done with basic training where he lost a lot of weight.  He starts P90X at 6′, 164.  He wants to put on muscle and get to 180-190.  Nov 2 was Day 1!

Kaleb Day 1:

Kaleb progress pics:

**coming soon**

Kane F

Kane begins his journey at 5’11”, 200 lbs.  His goal is to drop body fat and get to 175.  He describes himself as a non-athlete, but with our support and encouragement he won’t be saying that in 90 days!  Bring it Kane!  Oh, and he also wants to “look sexy for my wife”!  You go man!!

Kane Day 1:

Kane progress pics:

**coming soon**


John I (“Indo”) totally tore it up with his first Round of P90X!!!  He just sent me his Day 1 and Day 90 pics.  We’re talking 37 lbs lost!  Wow!  His day 90’s are now his “Day 1’s” of Round 2, a Doubles Hybrid with Insanity every morning and P90X lifting in the evenings.  Indo is a maniac!

Indo Day 1 (218 lbs, 28% body fat):

Indo Day 120 (Day 30 of Insanity / P90X Doubles):

David I

David started P90X on Nov. 1, weighing 238.  His goal is to get into the 190’s and “give his wife back the guy she married”!  We’re with you David!  Bring it!

David Day 1:

David Progress pics:

**coming soon***

Mike P

Mike has always been relatively fit and in shape, but he wants to really take it to the next level with P90X.  He started Nov. 1st at 190 lbs and 13% body fat.  He wants to get to 7% body fat, and in the 180 pound range by the time he finishes Round 1.  Bring it Mike!  Get RIPPED!!!

Mike Day 8 (he didn’t take Day 1’s!):

Mike Progress pics (Day 30):

Sam H

Sam is doing a P90X / P90X Plus / 1-on-1 hybrid, and he’s tearing it up!

Sam Day 1:

Sam progress pics (Day 60):

Ron A

Ron is a 20 year old dad who began Day 1 on Nov 15, weighing 259 lbs and measuring 34.5% body fat.  His goals are straightforward — Get his life back and make some jaws drop!!!  Bring it!!!

Ron Day 1:

Ron Progress pics:

**coming soon**

Marcus P

Straight from the UK we have Marcus (sporting the shorts to prove it!).  He started P90X this week, and he sent me these before pics from about 3 weeks ago, weighing 13 stones 8 pounds (whatever that means! LOL!).  His goal is to lose a few stones, I suppose!  We are excited to have someone from across the pond BRINGING IT with teamRIPPED!!!  Let’s do it Marcus!

Marcus Before:

Marcus Progress pics:

**coming soon**

Robert B

Robert has a history of lifting at the gym, but after not being able to get the results he wanted, he decided to try P90X.  He is seeing awesome results so far, and with the muscle bulk he already had, his final results should  be incredible!

Robert Day 1:

Robert Day 60:

Crystal A

Crystal started P90X on Oct. 17th weighing in at 5’8″, 190.  Her goal is to get to 165-170 and be in the best shape of her life!  Bring it!

Crystal Day 1:

Crystal Progress (Day 30):

Robert C

Robert just finished a round of Power 90.  He started Day 1 at 188 and 23% body fat.  He finished at 171 and 17% body fat.  Now he is moving on to the “X” and looking to get the body fat below 10%!  Keep pushing and you’ll be there!!!

Robert Day 1 of Power 90:

Robert Day 90 of Power 90 / Day 1 of P90X:

Derek L

Derek has been doing a hybrid with P90X lifting mixed with distance running for cardio.  He doesn’t have Day 1 pics, but here’s day 83, and he plans on going straight into P90X Classic (with some additional running on the lift days)  for Round 2.  His favorite quote is “Pain iz weakness leaving the body”.  Bring it Derek!

Derek Day 83:

Lance L

Lance started P90X on Sept 27, and at Day 60 he is already seeing some big changes!  Way to go Lance!!

Lance Day 1:

Lance Day 60:


Chris is 19, weighs 212 pounds, and started P90X 11/29/2010.  He isn’t getting much support from those around him, but he knows that teamRIPPED will keep him motivated to reach his goals and get ripped!  Bring it Chris!  Stay plugged in here and keep us posted on your progress.

Chris Day 1:

Chris Progress:

**coming soon**

Cameron C

Cameron just started P90X and wants to get rid of this excess body fat.  Bring it Cameron!

Cameron Day 1:

Cameron progress pics (Day 30):

Chris McG.

Chris started P90X at 5’9″, 257 on Day 1.  He finished at 225 on Day 90!  Awesome results man!  But he wants to get all the way down to a lean, ripped, 185!  And he plans on another round of P90X (starting now), followed by Insanity.  Keep pushing Gov!

Chris Day 1:

Chris Day 120 (Down to 215!!!):

Juan Z.

Juan started Dec. 13, weighing 259 and 26% body fat.  He had made it to week 5 before but quit.  This time failure is not an option!  He has plugged into teamRIPPED for accountability and because he is passionate about getting in shape and having a 6 pack!  He’s made a promise to himself and to God, and we will help keep him on track!  Bring it Juan!

Juan Day 1:

Juan progress:

**coming soon**

Patrick M.

Pat just sent me his Transformation pics (Day 1, 30, 60, 90) from Round 1.  He lost 15 lbs and cut his body fat to 7%.  In addition, it’s easy to see that he added lots of muscle as well.  Great job Pat!  Keep it up as you start Round 2!

Patrick Day 1-30-60-90:

Gerry H.

Gerry started P90X on 12/20/2010, knowing that in 5 months he will leave for the Army.  He wants to be in the best shape of his life, and knows that the accountability of the teamRIPPED challenge will help him Bring It!

Gerry Day 1:

Gerry Progress:

**coming soon**

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