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Ron made a name for himself in our teamRIPPED “Misfit Challenge” group.  Ron’s transformation is one that simply blows me away.  He went all 90 days without a single cheat meal, with 100% dedication, he wore a weighted vest to workout in, and he dug deeper than just about anyone in the history of P90X.

His results are some of the best I’ve ever witnessed.  I got to watch the entire process over 90 days, seeing the monthly progress picture by picture, and while your jaw will drop I can guarantee that this is 100% legit!  90 days!

And not only are his results the stuff legends are made of, he’s an awesome guy with a great character and passion to help others and encourage them.  Thanks for what you’ve meant to the Misfits bro!

Congrats Ron!

Ron’s Story =

Before P90X I was pretty much the guy that didn’t pay attention to being fit and eating healthy. I was decent shape out of high school and my early 20′s, but in my late 20′s I didn’t have as much energy and it was then when my body started changing for the worse from not being active as much and years of BAD eating habits. Well these bad habits of not exercising and eating unhealthy continued onto my early 30′s. During 2010 the bad habits finally caught up to me. All the fast food, hamburgers, french fries, sodas, cookies, ice cream, (and if you’re Filipino like myself) LOTS white rice, lechon kawali, pork adobo, sisig, pretty much fried or oily everything took its toll. Well I started experiencing chest/stomach pains through out some days and even at nights. I went to see a doctor and they said that my blood pressure was high, I was over weight, and I was suffering for acid reflux and indigestion from all the unhealthy food I was eating. He also mentioned that if I didn’t make changes that I was on my way to more problems like Ulcers, Gallstones, Diabetes(which runs in my family) maybe even worse. Well that scared me, there was no way I was heading down this path at the age of 31. I had to make a change not just for myself but for my family, I wasn’t setting the type of example for them that I wanted to.

Late one night, I was sitting on the couch watching TV and came across a Beachbody P90X infomercial. I was so impressed with the results others had achieved and I was determined to get there, so I ordered it. As soon as it arrived, I started immediately and kept at it…but not for long, after the first month I fell off the wagon. I want to say that most of it had to do with my newly born daughter and the lack of sleep I had. But, I can’t blame anyone but myself. I didn’t follow the nutrition guides, had lack of motivation and no support system. A few months later I was the same old unhealthy person again, so I researched healthy eating, exercise and came across a P90X transformation story of my Beachbody coach. I was more determined than ever to become a success story like his that I decided to join one of his challenges. That’s when I joined his group (The Misfits) which was a bunch individuals from all over the place that had the same goals of living a healthier lifestyle, so it made it little easier.

From Day 1 in October 10, 2011 to Day 90 in Jan 08, 2012…I was 100% committed! I gave it my all everyday and kept pushing play. I adapted to healthy eating habits, incorporated Shakeology into my diet and managed my ratios. I challenged myself harder and harder, during the last Phase of the 90 days added extra weight in my exercises to work even more! And, now…I can honestly say that I understand what it means to say “no pain, no gain!” I went from 164 lbs. & 21% body fat to 134lbs. & 6.5% body fat…all in 90-days! It was really tough, but I was determined to reach my goal..and man did I ever.

But, my story is not over yet…As a matter of fact its just begun, this is a lifestyle change! I continue drinking Shakeology and push play every day. Bringin It Again, with P90X2…

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