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Phil just got his X2 results to me from his hard work with the X2 Crew, and I’m glad he did.  He did a great job of sticking with it and making great strides with his fitness and ability to perform the difficult exercises that are part of the P90X2 program.  Way to go bud!

He’s got a pretty fun story too, so be sure you check that out after you watch his video =

Phil’s Story =

As of late April 2011, I was playing NAIA baseball, but many shortcomings from myself and my team had made me feel that baseball wasn’t fun anymore. A record of 6-38, as well as having a pitcher’s ERA higher than 10 (that means I was giving up more than a run per inning!) definitely made me lose interest.

To put it simply, I just flat-out stunk. As a result, I got fat and out of shape. Also, I was very unhappy with myself. My body was a product of constant losing and failure, time and time again and it made me really unhappy and pitiful at myself for letting it get this bad.  Thus I overate constantly in the cafeteria every day.  (Think comfort eating times ten!)  At the end of the school year, I was weighing 215 lbs and was definitely rocking the beer keg on my belly.

I had noticed my own body transforming, and not in a good way. My girlfriend started to notice and I had decided that it was time to change my ways. I didn’t want to be one of those people that once I hung up the spikes, I would just let myself go and eat like I was at the buffet table every day. I wanted to look and feel good about myself.

So I decided to make the decision to start getting healthy and in shape.  It all started with one round of Insanity, which served as the gateway into the world of Beachbody and extreme fitness programs.  I had gotten decent results out of it, but I missed the balance of doing cardio and resistance training.  Later in the summer, I decided to join teamRIPPED and do Coach Wayne’s P90x/Insanity hybrid.  I truly believed that this would be the program that would push me over the top and into the ranks of the ripped.  Although I did get great strength gains out of it, I didn’t achieve the full potential of the hybrid because of one big issue…


I had always been one of those guys that believed, “If you do the work, then you can eat whatever you want.”  That is absolutely false!  I had learned then that nutrition is 80% of your results.  There’s a reason why Tony Horton says: “Abs are built in the kitchen”.  Also the idea of never cheating really stuck to me.  If you want to make the change in yourself, you’ve gotta be willing to sacrifice to get it.

So I was finished with two different rounds, sitting at 197lbs.  It was definitely an improvement from where I was at the start of the summer of 2011.  However, I didn’t want to have ordinary results.  I wanted to have great results!  To do that, I took part in the teamRIPPED X2 Crew, where there would be a boatload of people with the same goal to fight, scratch, and claw to become extraordinary individuals.  Also, this would be my first time dialing in the nutrition with the teamRIPPED philosophy by tracking carbs/fat/protein and never cheating.  

I’m proud to say that I’m pleased with the results.  After this round of P90X2, I weighed in at 184 lbs after starting at 197!  Also my bodyfat went from 18% to 12%, and I could jump and grab a regulation basketball hoop thanks to all the plyo and P.A.P.  I feel like I could run for a long time, throw 150 pitches without getting tired, and my core has never been stronger.  P90X2 is absolutely the real deal and they’ve really outdone themselves to make the program evolve.  It really wouldn’t be successful if the just recycled P90X and called it P90X2.  There’s a more profound purpose to X2 than just the weight training, yoga, and plyometrics.  

Also, I’m absolutely thankful that I couldn’t have found a better group to do this with.  The X2 Crew has really changed my life because of the drive and limitless motivation that everyone had in this group.  It really made me push myself that much harder just watching you guys and gals share your successes and triumphs.  

As a result of being a part of this group, I feel like a workhorse that can do anything as long as I put my mind to it.  Nothing seems out of reach to me now.  If something does seem out of reach, with practice and patience, I can achieve.  Also, it helps that my girlfriend was bragging about my body to her friends and telling them how “hot” I was, haha.  It’s been an absolute blessing to be a part of this group and I’m really thankful to everyone that was involved, especially Coach Wayne.  You really set the bar for all of us to become above-average.  Now it’s time for me to set the bar for someone else.

Phil Fortaleza

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