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Perfection – a word a lot of people either love or hate. It can a word that completely stops us or even overpowers us and takes too much control. It can seem unobtainable or arrogant.

I know I am not perfect. As a whole, I make mistakes every single day. Some are small, some are large. But as I look back on my journey – I know with complete certainty I was “Perfect” my first 180 days… and the results spoke for themselves!

What is being PERFECT with Working Out and Nutrition

So I would say it’s not as crazy as you think – take P90X for example. I would say you did it perfectly if you did each workout, modifying to meet your fitness level, and you ate to your nutrition plan the entire time. So no cheats, no missed workouts, none of that. For nutrition – hitting calories and macros is perfection.

Truthfully, you can only measure so accurately, so if you are within +/-100 calories of your goal a day and don’t blow out any one macro (say trade all your protein for carbs LOL) then you are eating perfectly. It’s also adjusting your nutrition goals to meet your progress. If you are stalling out and bonking all the time, that means slowly adding some calories back. If it means dropping some calories cuz you aren’t losing at what you thought was your deficit, that perfect. But you are 100% locked in and eating with purpose.

TR Fall Into Perfection

This fall me and David Jeffries ran the “Fall into Perfection” Crew. It’s 90 days of being perfect like I just said. We started out with 60 or so people and ended with only 3. Being “perfect” is tough! One of our finishers – more coming soon – was Alexandra C. I want you to see what perfection looks like!

“90 days later & 26 pounds lighter! This challenge taught me a lot about myself & I have to say the mental transformation was much more important for me. Thank you, Wayne Wyatt,t & “David Jeffries for putting his group together!! 

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I lost a total of 26.2 pounds. 

3” off my midsection 
3 1/2 off my hips 
2 1/2 off each leg 
I did insanity for 60 days and Insanity asylum for the remainder of the challenge!”

If you want to know if perfection is worth it – I know Alexandra would tell you, YES! Congrats Alexandra, you crushed it and I know it’s only the beginning!

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