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I’ve been working on this for a while and it is finally ready…


Shortly after I started teamRIPPED, I got some shirts made for the team. I had always used a local print shop and just kept them at my house and mailed them out as people bought them. Over time, my mom actually took that over and did the mailing for me. Then I found TeeSpring and ran some campaigns. I liked those since I could get great shirts and didn’t have to guess at inventory or keep a ton of extras on hand. But I always wanted shirts for whenever you wanted them…

Over the last year, a buddy of mine has been working with a company that does one-off printing of apparel. He mentioned to me that it would be great for teamRIPPED and we went for it! They do awesome prints, are fast on shipping, and best of all – they print on demand.

That means when you want a shirt – you get a shirt!

We’ve started with 4 designs and will rotate in new ones as time goes on. I have been able to keep the prices pretty low but they bumped up a little since these are all printed one off. We picked a great feeling t-shirt and have the sizing chart on each page. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR SIZE! Since these are all one-off, there are no returns for sizes. Only if there is a quality issue, so be aware. We’ve found them to be pretty true to size for what we would normally wear.

So go check em out! If you have any questions or some apparel you want… let me know! They have options for other shirts, hoodies, hats, leggings even (for the ladies that is), and more.

Check out the TR Shop!

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