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The new P90X Infomercial is out! It is called “The Reason” because it takes on the excuses that people use to avoid working out and getting in shape.  This infomercial was months in the making, and it will be the way that couch potatoes all over this great land of ours will be exposed to P90X and how it can change their lives.  Believe me, I know!  I was one of those couch potatoes watching a P90X Infomercial just over 1 year ago.

And like one of our teamRIPPED members told me recently, I’ve gone from one side of the TV to the other! Isn’t that wild!  I got a feature role in this new infomercial!  So unfortunately y’all are going to have to see my ugly mug anytime you are channel surfing late at night instead of resting up for your workouts!  And this infomercial will run for about a year, so don’t you dare go AWOL or I’ll be haunting you, popping up on your TV when you least expect it! LOL!

Here’s the video link to the Infomercial (in 3 parts on Youtube):

Part 1 = (teamRIPPED Hall of Famers BARRY at 1:16 and PAUL at 1:26)

Part 2 = (Coach Wayne from 11:33 to the end of that clip.  Also Melinda — Coach Josh Spencer’s fiancee — starting at 2:35, and Josh himself at 11:23)

Part 3 = (A split second of Coach Wayne at the beginning)

What’s really special to me, other than the obvious elation of being one of the people they chose for this infomercial, is that I’m not the only teamRIPPED Hall of Famer in it.  Paul M., who has blown us away not only with his transformation but with his commitment to making everyone else better, made the cut too!  And so did Barry C. ,who makes 3 appearances (a before pic at the beginning, his before/after on the wall beside Tony talking, and again as they scroll the price near the end).  Beachbody was considering from over 1,000 transformations for this infomercial, so making the final cut is quite an amazing accomplishment.  Congrats Paul!  “DO WORK” buddy!

The bitter-sweet part of this whole thing is that I know so many people with amazing transformations who didn’t make the cut.  Not everyone gets picked.  But I guarantee you not a single one of those people regrets the blood, sweat, and tears they’ve put into it.  They are new people, with new confidence, and a realization that they can conquer anything with persistence, faith, and a positive attitude.  They may not be on TV every day, but so what.  They are already winners!

And during this whole process, I became good friends with a guy named Joel S. (  His amazing pics were on the Infomercial, but he was barely bumped (and I mean barely — they had already done all the editing for him to be a featured story) from a feature role in the final cut.  Watch his story and tell me he’s anything but a champion:

Great job Joel!  You have my utmost respect!

Now my question for you is this: Who’s gonna be in the next P90X Infomercial?  Will it be you?  I did it.  Paul did it.  Joel did it.  Why not you?  The only thing standing in your way is yourself.  Don’t doubt.  Don’t listen to those who tell you it can’t be done.  If you want it, go get it!  DO WORK!  You are on the best team ever!  Dream big!  And make it happen!  If it doesn’t happen right away, KEEP WORKING until it does!

God bless, and keep bringing it!

— Coach Wayne

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