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Mark says he used to be chubby but strong.  Looking at his day 1’s you’d never know the “strong” part LOL!  He worked out some, but had no dedication to proper nutrition and was steadily getting further and further out of shape.  He made up his mind to CONQUER his health and fitness, and boy did he ever SUCCEED!  These are some AWESOME results!  Congrats Mark!  I’m glad to have you out there representing teamRIPPED, Beachbody, these products, and your own team — team Conquer — to a world desperately in need of answers to the problem of obesity and poor nutrition.

Mark’s Story in his own words:

Well here goes my story guys!!! My name is Mark Miller and I am a new Team Beachbody coach, and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. I have always been a very active person, even back in middle school. I played basketball pretty much since I was able to throw the ball toward the rim so I have always been in fairly good shape. By playing basketball and running heavily I never got what you would say “chubby”. Well, after I graduated high school I wasn’t playing ball near as much as I was at that time, so I became a little less active.

I did, however, decide that I needed to attempt to get into shape!!! I started a workout regimen at the gym, lifting and doing moves like bench press, shoulder press, and of course curls. All I knew was that I hated doing cardio and running so I kept that to a minimum of maybe once or twice per week. My nutrition was very sporadic and I really had no idea of what to eat, what NOT to eat, when to eat or anything like that. So I just ate as “healthy” as I knew how.

I stayed with this routine through college and even afterward into my sales job at a local Cadillac/Nissan dealership. Even though I continued to work out, my eating habits were severely pulling me into the opposite direction. I decided to switch sales jobs from the dealership to my current place of employment…AT&T. I am a full time sales rep with AT&T and boy did I not realize how much time I had to work out when I was selling cars. I had virtually NO TIME to work out!!! So my cousin and I were determined to stick to working out, even working out late at night at a local gym. We would spend an hour and a half in that gym lifting and laughing and having a good old time. Don’t get me wrong here guys, these were among the most fun times I can remember having, but we weren’t doing much of any kind of workout.

It was around this time (fall of 2008) that we began to discuss different avenues that we could explore with our workout. We had both seen the funny P90X infomercial, and had even mocked it and made fun of it at times. I simply discarded it as “just another one of them silly workout commercials.” So, our cycle continued in the gym. Working out and lifting heavy weights, and doing little to no cardio (as I said before I hated cardio) Well, by the time Christmas came around that year in late 2008, we had been working out for almost 9 months or so and we had gotten stronger, but I still didn’t see a change in my appearance. What was going on here??? Why was I busting my tail in the gym lifting all these heavy weights for nothing??? I remember in January of 2009 I saw the infamous Tony Horton in my face yet again late at night on the television staring directly at me. I leaned up off of the couch and gave it some attention this time. I was thinking……”90 days huh, well I guess I could do it for 90 days just to see what the big fuss was about.” Little did I know what was in store for me!!!!!
I remember telling my cousin that I was going to start P90X in February just to see if it was for real. I mean afterall, what did I have to lose but BODY FAT?? We kinda laughed about it during the workout that night and the next two weeks I spent preparing for the upcoming test. I purchased my dumbbells, pullup bar, and protein. I WAS READY!!!!
90 days later I was in the BEST SHAPE I had EVER been in, and my cousin was a believer at that point!!! I knew after the first workout it was going to take some hardcore dedication to this program. But if I stuck with it, I would have some amazing results……and that’s EXACTLY what happened.

Now here I am, after stepping up to the plate once again I am never looking back.  I get up early at 7am every morning and kill my workouts, my nutrition is on point every day, and I have more energy than ever before!!
Thanks Coach Wayne!!

Coach Mark,

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