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In place of a normal Weekend Update post, I needed to share these awesome results from Keith he just sent over. There is still no greater email I receive than the ones from someone done with their first round of a program. When they have gone all in and crushed it! I just love em!! LOL

So after seeing Keith’s results, I asked if I could share them with y’all. I just knew they would inspire! Proud of you man!

Absolutely you can share the results if you think it would benefit someone… I sent them in to Beachbody as well. I’m super excited! Just started round 2. I dropped from 200 to 170lbs and feel GREAT!!! I haven’t had a body like this since I got out of the Army!! My wife loves it and everyone says I look great! Confidence is THROUGH THE ROOF!! As to a testimony: 

I’m 34 years old, married, work +55 hours a week as a general manager for a quick lube shop. I have a 5yr old, a 3 yr old, and an 18 month old. I’m involved in my church and have always been active but never really fit since I left the military and let myself go. I ran my own lawn care business for a while, was a youth pastor for a few years, but was also addicted to sodas, sweet tea, fast food, and nicotine. I was an Army Ranger in my youth and always look at my pictures from that time, jealous of the body I use to have. Children, ministry, and multiple jobs can take their toll if you let them, (which I absolutely did!) I slowly but surely started losing confidence in my appearance when I realized I was getting rounder and softer over the years. The final straw fell when my mom passed from leukemia last year. She used to always tell me that I needed to take vitamins because I was always complaining of being tired and not having any energy. After she passed, and after dealing with the pain of losing my best friend, I could still hear her voice telling me I needed to take better care of myself. I had bought P90X when I first heard of it maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I started the program, got 1 month in, and then had to quit because we relocated from TX to NYC and it wasn’t a priority. 2 years later I picked it up again for a second attempt, but again only got 1 month in before I quit a 3rd time. Fast forward 4 years later: I’m 34, tired of being tired, fed up with knowing that I am the ONLY THING standing in my way from the best shape of my life, knowing I need to change now before its too late, and realizing that “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get, what you’ve always got.” I needed to make a change NOW! I pulled out the p90X for the 3rd and final time. It was now or never! I completely dove in, 100% committed to achieving the goals I set for myself. I threw away all of my nicotine, threw out all of the trash food, restocked my pantry, and started pressing play! The first 2 weeks  were BRUTAL!!! I never understood why all the testimonies I watched never once mentioned the pain of those first couple weeks! Maybe everyone blocked it out of their memory as a survival mechanism. LOL. Anyways, I kept pressing play, and pressing play. I looked into getting a coach after watching all of the YouTube testimonies. (I would watch a few of them every morning for motivation.) Yours was the one that stood out the most. So I reached out for you to be my coach. You know the rest of the story. 3 1/2 months later here I am at 170lbs, and still pressing play!! I hope this helps someone else reach the goals they have! It is possible as long as you keep pressing play! “You are the only thing standing in your way to greatness!” God bless you coach, I can’t thank you enough for all of the advice and the quick responses to all of my questions. I know you are busy , but you helped me to reach where I am today!! I’m actually writing this as I’m in the gym getting ready to press play!! Gotta go BRING IT!!


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