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It’s one of the common arguments against P90X — you can’t build mass with it.  You can only lose body fat and tone.  Don’t tell Justin, because he listened to crazy people like me who told him he CAN build muscle mass!  He followed the plan to do it, gave 100% effort to the nutrition in order to fuel his muscle building efforts, and let P90X work it’s magic.  So can a “hard-gainer” build muscle mass with P90x??  You tell me …..

Justin’s Story in his own words:

You are probably familiar with the classic hardgainer story. The
skinny guy goes to the gym and ends up only feeling like they stand
out because everyone else is massive. Well it happened to me.
My name is Justin Alford, and I am a sophomore at Louisiana Tech
University. I have always been the athletic type. I played basketball
and baseball in high school and intramural sports this past year at
college. But I have always been skinny, 6’2″, 160 pounds when I
graduated high school. I have always ate A LOT, but never gained a
pound. Lifting weights was not something I enjoyed doing. I loved the
team sports I played but working out and improving in the offseason
were my weak points.
Part of my college fees paid for membership at the campus gym. Since I
was no longer playing organized sports, I figured I would try working
out for a change. I was tired of being a skinny guy. I went, but I
wasn’t there long. I went in having no idea what to do and without a
plan. I knew of P90X and figured I would try it. I loved the thought
of being able to work out in my dorm room and away from public exposure.
I was ready to get ripped. However, I simply thought I could just do
the workouts with a cheap set of bands and I would get results. After
a week, I did some research and wouldn’t you know that nutrition is
actually kind of important! I continued to do the workouts to get
stronger before I could afford dumbbells and a steady supply of
supplements. I would watch Youtube videos to motivate me and came
across Coach Wayne’s video. I joined teamRIPPED and found out that you
could bulk up using P90X with the right nutrition. I changed my goal
to bulk up and add weight. I started my official round on February 14,
I took everyday serious, and the rest is history.
I can say that I am now addicted to this lifestyle! I love the
Beachbody programs and living healthy. I wish I had this motivation in
high school. Now I am helping my brother, who is an athlete in high
school, improve his strength and add muscle. We are working out
together this summer. I will be on my second round; he will be on his
first. And what an incredible feeling it is when you inspire someone
to start P90X, or Chalean Extreme, or just living healthier. Working
out with my roommate and seeing him drop so much weight has been
awesome. And getting my close friends and a few cousins going on the X
has inspired me even more. One thing I tell people is that if it was
all about the workouts, and you did not have to eat right, then it
would be easy! At least that is how it is for me. I love the workouts
and look forward to them every day. Nutrition is very important if you
are seeking solid results.
I mention in my video that my success is great and all, but I will
never settle on a progress picture! I will now strive to be better
every day, in fitness and with my life. Christ has given me an
opportunity to have a healthy, fulfilling life. Without him I am
nothing, but with him, anything is possible! I could not have had the
results or motivation I experienced without teamRIPPED. What an
amazing foundation and system Coach Wayne has given us. I love the
unity of this team. Keep bringing it teamRIPPED!

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