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Joey’s story is RIVETING!   After you watch his video, read what he wrote.  Holy Cow!!  Those conversations with the Doctor are eye opening and inspiring!  Thanks for sharing your video, and for sharing your story with the team.

Joey did some serious work in round 1 of P90X, losing 46 lbs in 90 days!  That’s some SERIOUS commitment!  He’s moving on to Insanity next.  Check out how far he’s come already.  Congrats buddy!

Joey’s Story in his own words:

My name is Joey “Bull” Sizemore. I have always been one of those that make a party or a crowd. I am a 6 year veteran of the US Navy. REMEMBER THIS PART: I am a med school student FULL TIME, I am a father to two toddlers, FULL TIME, I am a husband to a loving wife FULL TIME. I work 12 hour swing shifts 6 days a week, FULL TIME, I am Southern and Baptist therefore church is my Sunday must.  I am very LAZY and believe that my hard work deserves me FAST FOOD AND RELAXATION. LOL, Yeah Right!!!!

I have been overseas 2 times and have seen the destruction that mankind can cause upon itself. I have seen life taken, cities fall, history books re written, and families destroyed in the wake of WAR. I was built by the US government to be the BEST and that I was. Trained to not feel or question, just react and swiftly. Call sign: Checkmate and I never lost.

I remember coming home from my last deployment and being in the grocery store with my wife the next day. She asked me what cereal I would like for breakfast the next day. I remember standing in the cereal isle for 10 or so minutes scared out of my mind at all the choices. It was this moment I knew that something was wrong. WAIT WHAT??? I am not supposed to crumble. I a not supposed to have problems that involve feelings. I wasn’t issued feelings.

It was not fast but I fell into a battle with prescription drugs, alcohol, and food. It was my goal to rid myself of all the BAD feelings and the nightmares that I still suffer from today. So I began my new WAR and found new battles with myself. I would not WIN for quite sometime.

I was having heartburn so bad it would wake me up, I would lose breath when I tried to tie my shoes, and I was having to wear clothes that were always to big or leave my shirt un-tucked to hide my belly.

I went to the doctor on a Wednesday afternoon and that is where we start out.

Doc: Joey, son, you are 27 years old and will be dead by the time your 30.

Joey: HAHAHA, yeah right doc…You just trying to get me to lose some weight again?

Doc: No Joey, I wish I was telling you a lie. Your blood work came back yesterday. I did not call you in here for an annual checkup. I called you in here to tell you that you are going to need to start a regiment to help you with your new issue.

Joey: What issue?

Doc: Joey, you are diabetic now!

Joey: What’s that mean?

I was so scared when he told me that. For the simple fact he had charts and graphs with all my data on it and was making way to much sense with the numbers.

Thing was after all that I had been through and all the times I made it home from the places I have been. It was me that was going to kill myself not some sniper or rouge bullet.

NOT EVEN HAPPENING….My children will outlive me and my wife will grow old with me rather she likes it or not. I am not giving up that easy.

I spent the 15 minutes, after leaving the doctors office, ordering P90X. All I had to go on was that I was not going to die and I needed something that GOT RESULTS.

I also researched videos on You Tube in the time it took for the package to come in the mail. I kept seeing this guy who’s muscles had muscles and seeing the push he had as well as gave people.

Become part of Yeah right there’s got to be a catch. I emailed Coach Wayne Wyatt and got a response back from a real person who’s words portrayed a sophisticated and excited emotion into the art of working out and getting RIPPED.  The only catch was that you WANTED TO DO THIS. Wow, its time for results. It’s time to play.

I became part of and began a journey that gave me RESULTS.

Was it easy? Not even close to easy. I spent many days fighting myself to workout or eat right. I lost so much weight that I found it cheaper to buy a belt rather than keep buying pants LOL.

My P90X results are in the video but these are my LIFE results:

I made the Deans List and will be starting my journey to become s surgeon quite soon. I think that Cardiovascular surgery or Pediatric Oncology. Save lives, that is my goal. Well that and to cure cancer.

I still work 12 hours swing shifts 6 days a week.

My children and wife move faster than life so it is hard to keep up.

Joey: Well Doc, how’s it look?

Doc: Joey I am not sure what  you got yourself here. Your body does not know that it is sick. You are not showing any signs of diabetes anymore.

Joey: Cool Doc, let me tell you about Ripped Nation…..

I STILL WORKOUT EVERYDAY and now INSANITY is my new addiction.

To all who read and all who see:

Ripped Nation and Coach Wayne: I owe my life to this creation and to the people that you are. I owe my drive to your accountability and I owe my most sincere thanks to your “BRING IT” style. May God bless you all and may you find whatever it is in life that God is requiring you to accomplish. Although I am not at the level that the RIPPED ONE is “Coach” LOL I am on my way and still driving hard. I love this new Life and I love this new look.



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