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Jeremy was never really fat or badly out of shape, but he wasn’t all that fit either.  He let himself go after his wedding and then realized it was time to get serious.  You can’t just do this for 90 days and expect to stay fit forever afterwards.  It needs to be a lifestyle change.  This time he’s embraced that and has some outrageous results!  Good work man!

Jeremy’s Story in his own words:

I’ve always been interested in fitness but never truly knew what I was doing. I’ve gone to the gym many times and ended up doing a few exercises here and there of what I thought were the proper exercises or the gym would be so busy that I’d end up hopping on whichever machine was available and never got in a good workout. Couple that with poor nutritional habits and its no wonder I never got the results I wanted!

Due to my bad nutrition and on again off again exercising I quickly put on around 20 lbs. Several years back I heard someone talking about P90x and that you could workout in the comfort of your own home and all you needed were a few dumbbells and a pull-up bar. Sounds great, sign me up! I ordered the program and soon started it but didn’t truly commit to it. I only made it 72 days… so close!

It wasn’t until a year or so later when I met my wife Amber that we decided to commit to the program in order to get in shape for our beach wedding. We pushed play every single day, not missing a single workout the entire time! We had done it! We had completed P90x! We both looked and felt amazing for our wedding in paradise but upon returning we hibernated for the winter occasionally working out now and again and also fell back into a few unhealthy eating habits.

It wasn’t until I had put back on nearly 15 lbs again that I realized it wasn’t just a 90 day commitment… I had to make it a life long commitment! So we started a new Round 1 of P90x and this time have absolutely brought it even more so than the last time but this time we don’t plan on ever stopping!

— Jeremy

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