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Jeff has been a mainstay of teamRIPPED since just about the beginning.  He was part of our Asylum Legends, along with his wife Lauren.  He got amazing results.  He then became a coach and has been leading others by helping them to stay motivated and reach their goals.  He’s helped one person lose 100 lbs.  He’s helped another woman do so well that she was featured in the new P90X infomercial (one that he is in as well BTW!).  Jeff’s claim to fame is that he considers it a good workout only if he pushes himself to the point of puking (literally!).  LOL!

And after all this …. Jeff FINALLY got around to doing a video of his results.  Good grief man, it took you long enough!

Anyways, without further delay, check out the awesome results …. and awesome music LOL … of our own Jeff Lennon in this long awaited results video!

Way to ROCK it!  It was worth the wait for this masterpiece!  Congrats on getting RIPPED, congrats on paying it forward as a coach, and thanks for being my friend!

Jeff’s Story =

  • Day 1 – 235lbs, 22% body fat  (Uggh)
  • Day 90 – 202lbs, 8% body fat
  • Day 180 -202lbs, 6.5% body fat

I started this journey on Feb 7th and half a year later I’m very happy with my results.   I was always in decent shape but Baby #3, the lack of sleep, & the Holidays took its toll on me.  Ice Cream, Chocolate, Pizza, and beer, beer, beer were becoming the norm for me.  I saw a video of myself at the older kids Karate graduation and I was kind of disgusted with myself.  On the morning of Superbowl Sunday I was searching the net and stumbled across my coach’s transformation video, Wayne Wyatt.  I was floored.  My competitive nature immediately kicked in, if he could transform himself like that in 90 days, why couldn’t I?  I was so motivated by his results I didn’t eat the wings I had made for the game or drink the beer I had bought.

90 days later after pressing play everyday and eating PERFECTLY and drinking Shakeology daily I was happy with the results but knew there was still room for improvement.  Lauren and I participated in the Asylum challenge for 30 days, had a blast, met a group of people that continue to motivate and push me everyday.  I went from Asylum to a HYBRID consisting of P90X, Insanity, Asylum, & the One on One’s.  My goal was to build muscle while continuing to drop body fat.  I discovered that my body is now a calorie burning machine.  I went from 2500 calories to 2700 and now have between 3000-3200 daily.  I’ll be honest it’s a little hard to eat that much healthy food daily, but I won’t complain or Lauren will yell at me :)

I’m more excited and motivated today than I’ve ever been.  I feel as if I’m about to turn another corner in my level of fitness.  I feel great physically, athletically, and mentally.  I want to thank my coach Wayne who has been a tremendous source of motivation and inspiration.  I also thank the Asylum CRAZIES for keeping me accountable and pushing me daily.  Thanks to the people I coach also.  I am grateful to be able to “Pay it Forward” to others.  I hope a can inspire them the way my coach has inspired me.  I get an incredible sense of satisfaction from Coaching.  Finally, thanks to my wife and partner Lauren for being wonderful all around.  Her form destroys mine in any workout we do together and helps me strive to improve daily.  She also pulls me away from the mirror when I’ve been gazing too long, thanks Honey!

Check out more about Jeff and his wife Lauren at their website, teamInfinityX

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