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Daniel used soccer, the gym, and his “sandwich and cereal” diet to get into decent shape.  But it didn’t last and he got lazy.  He tried P90X but didn’t stick with it and quit after 60 days.  When X2 came out, the fire was re-lit, and even though he had regressed to a fitness level worse than when he started P90X, he was determined to make a fresh start and stick with this to the end.  He is now a graduate of the DEUCE, P90X2!  And he got awesome results!  Congrats Daniel!

Daniel’s Story =

I have been struggling with my weight all my life. As a child I was overweight. At the age of 15 I decided to make a change for the good. I started playing soccer everyday and got on a diet which consisted mostly of sandwiches and cereal (I was clueless on what good eating consisted of). Incredibly, my sandwich and cereal diet worked! It was probably mainly because of the 3 hours of soccer everyday though. I lost about 20 pounds and was happy with the way I looked but I wanted more. I decided to join a gym and started lifting weights. I got good results in the gym but hit a plateau after about 8 months.

Then I heard a friend talking about p90x. I had NO idea what that was but I laughed at him when he told me he would have better results doing p90x than my results going to the gym. We never knew who got better results though, because he gave up after 2 weeks. I was still curious about his confidence when he told me he would have better results so I did a little research on the program. The results of people who completed the program were completely AMAZING. They all looked like professional athletes after just 90 days. I continued my research and saw close to ZERO negative feedback. After this I was convinced I had to buy p90x so I ordered it. I started as soon as it arrived. The first thing I notice was that this was HARD. I had never done anything like it. The first week I was so sore I could barely walk. I now understood why my friend only lasted 2 weeks even though he was in good shape. It takes more than good shape to finish this, it takes a strong will. I was challenged but as Tony Horton said “Nobody said this was easy”.

Sadly my will wasn’t strong enough and I gave up on day 60. The best excuse I have for giving up is that I did not think I could get any better. My day 60 results were amazing and I felt the next month would just be a waste of time but I was completely wrong and was looking for an excuse to quit. After quitting I returned to my old life. I stopped exercising and started eating whatever I felt like eating. In about 8 months I gained 30 pounds and was even fatter than in my day 0 of p90x. It was totally embarrassing to go from having a four pack to having love handles once again. I tried several times to get back on track but I just could not find the motivation, but everything change when I heard p90x 2 was coming out. I don’t remember ever being that excited for a product (even as a kid, lol). I pre-ordered it and waited anxiously for it to arrived. As soon as it arrived I began my p90x 2 journey. It was REALLY hard since day 1.

I was once again in really bad shape so even doing 3 pull ups was a challenge. I struggled through the first phase but kept moving forward! The second phase was really similar to the original p90x and this got me really pumped to do my best because of the previous results I got from p90x. I finished the second phase and was really happy with the results but I knew I had a lot more a potential. The third phase was absolutely CRAZY! P.A.P. upper (which features our coach Wayne) and P.A.P. lower were the best workouts I had ever done! Both are strength workouts but I sweat more than with Plyocide! I didn’t even think about quitting this phase because the results I could get with these workouts inspired me to move forward and push beyond my limits.

The results did not disappointed me. I lost 25 pounds on my whole p90x 2 journey! Tony Horton, once again, created a workout that delivers extremes results if you just push yourself! Right after I finished I became a Beachbody coach. After all this time I finally learned that fitness is not something you do for 90 days and then stop, it’s something you work on everyday and I thank Beachbody, Tony Horton, and coach Wayne for teaching me this. Now I’m starting a p90x/p90x2/insanity hybrid and will post my results as soon as I am finish. Thank you for reading and bring it!

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