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Craig has an awesome story!  He’s one of our International teamRIPPED members from up north in Canada.  He’s as plugged in as anybody and he’s definitely part of what makes this team so special!  Congrats Craig!  Great work man!  And I know this is only the beginning!  Keep bringing it!  Be sure to read Craig’s story below — inspirational!


Craig’s Story in his own words:

“First of all my name is Craig, I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I played some sports as a kid and was on the water polo team and swim team.  And one summer I played organized baseball.This was the extent of my sports. My family was into cottages and we were never around for weekends for games or practices, so I never really got to get off the side lines as it were. Once again lots of swimming, but apparently not enough. I had a lot of personal struggles to deal with from a very early age, that turned me to food, who I thought was my friend.But I was so wrong, Hence begins the path of destruction, I have tried every diet and and gym out there but with only some to moderate help. Never long lasting, because I had to deal with the problem/S behind the food/eating. Just over three years ago I went for my physical and found that I had high blood pressure and my bad  Cholesterol  was threw the roof and I had no good cholesterol. I was over weight 270lbs . My Family Doctor put me on blood medication and I was only 44yrs old. With two small children and my wife who rely on me, I needed to make changes. And fast! So at My Dr’s advice To get my cholesterol down or I would need to go on medication for this as well,  I Joined   weight Watchers  to be able to try and get some kind of structure in my eating habits,  I was there for almost a year and lost 35lbs. And went back to the Dr’s again for a check up and still bad cholesterol was in line but I still had no good Cholesterol . So I asked my Doctor how do I get good cholesterol,? He informed me that I needed to workout, cardio to be specific. So I Left his office and went directly to a local gym and got myself a One year membership that lasted for 3.5 yrs. I started having dizzy spells (virtigo)  and had a really bad experience there one night were I was caught in there change room for almost an hour not knowing what  I was going to do, or how I was going to get home. As it was late as the gym was open 24hrs and I used to go after my wife would get off work at 10:00 PM. Anyway I managed to finally get myself home and struggled with this for couple months, saw my Dr. Confirmed Virtigo meds didn’t help. I was afraid to go back to the gym as I didn’t want  a repeat of the last  time I was there. So although I had gotten my cholesterol under control I didn’t feel like I could continue. One night sleeping in my lazyboy with acid reflux( Late night snacking)  I was awaken to an infomercial by P90X. I sat right up and watched the whole thing. I knew in my heart that this is what I needed. But was not in a position at the time to do so. So for the next several months it never left me, I was on YouTube and  other web sites (TeamRipped) doing my homework as it were. And Finally our  13 year wedding anniversary was coming up and Rachel knew how much I wanted this product  and purchased it for me. I had it for two months before I could “commit” as it were I was afraid of failure. And this is something I didn’t want or need to do. Fail that is! On November 13th 2010 I pushed play. Oh and tossed my cookies so to speak and in some crazy sort of way I was hooked. This has never happened to me in all the years of sports or working out. I have had an amazing Transformation in 90 days that all those gyms with their memberships could not and did not do! I have lost almost 50 lbs and lost 5 inches off chest and 8 inches off my waist also 5 inches off my hips. I  never  had fat calipers  to measure body fat but I hope to get some for the next (#2) round which I’m into day 13. And still BRINGING IT! By the way I’m almost fifty……. forty-eight years old to be exact. Just before I started this Journey I said I wanted to be fit before I was fifty and what do you know I believe I’m on the right track!!! And to stay!  First  I  Thank God almighty for my unwavering faith and Tony Horton and Coach Wayne Wyatt. And teamRIPPED for there on going support and encouragement. Also my loving Wife Rachel for believing in me enough, even when maybe there was doubt  on my part, and purchased  P90X! (XOXO)    And our wonderful children for their patients  and support also.  And my co-workers and friends. As a result of my JOURNEY as I like to call it I have inspired 4 people to also take the P90X Journey. Stay tuned.

Bring it!


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