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Comparison of my old “BEST” to my X2 results =

I had always considered my Fall 2010 pics to be the best shape I was ever in.  I was coming off a P90X / Insanity hybrid with body fat under 6%, weighing 208 lbs.  I was ripped.  I felt great. The pic from that photo shoot is what I used for many of my social media spots because I thought I had never looked better.  Over the next few rounds, I was in more of a maintenance mode, allowing the body fat to tick up to the 7-8% range and allowing a bit more freedom for the occasional cheat meal.  In the 208 lb picture I had not had a single cheat meal since starting my P90X journey 6 months earlier.  That was the peak of my discipline!

My weight over the next year has always fluctuated in the 212-217 range, depending on if I was working to bulk slightly or cut slightly.

Now, after X2, my body fat is in that same elite sub-6% range that I was in back in 2010, but the difference is I weigh 225 lbs!  That’s 17 lbs more!  And if you compare the pics, the body composition difference really shows.  I have more developed upper body musculature, shoulders, lats, and arms.  The core is actually tighter now at 225 than it was at 208.  See the side by side comparisons below and check for yourselves.  My X2 Results make my old “Best shape ever” pics look weak!!

In the side-by sides, I like to see the development of the musculature in my arms, shoulders, and broadness across my upper body.

Funny story from a few weeks ago = As I was doing an X2 Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout.  My wife walks in and sees me working out without a shirt.  She says “You look really huge”.  I say “Thanks!” and sport a big flex.  She gets this scared look on her face and says “You have veins all over you.  You look like a bodybuilder.”.  Again, I say “Thanks!”.  She gets disgusted and says, “Are you going to do something about that?”.  I’m thinking to myself, “This is what I’ve been striving to look like for the last 2 years!!  The only thing I’m gonna do about it is take some pics!!!”  That’s the difference between guys and gals I guess. LOL.  I figure if I get too ripped I can always pig out and sit on the couch a week or two and fix it, but I’m rather enjoying my vascular, ripped look at the moment :-)

P90X2 has made a believer out of me!!  I have a new benchmark for my “Best” shape ever.  It’s now!  Thanks P90X2!!

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