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Chris used to be in great shape, enjoying a very active life full of adventure and sport.  Over time, he began to see exercise and nutrition in the same way many of us did (or still do) — he neglected it for the most part, but would try to jumpstart it for special occasions.  He did P90X and lost 30 lbs before his wedding, but once getting through the wedding, he let it all go again.  It finally clicked a few years later when he realized that he was setting a poor example for his daughter.  He decided to make a LIFESTYLE change and do it right.  He’s now done P90X, Insanity, and Body Beast.  And he’s in awesome shape, being the kind of role model for his family that he always wanted to be.  I love seeing people that “get it” and realize there are no quick fixes and no temporary fixes.  You have to change your attitude.  Congrats man!

Chris’s Story =

My story started in February 2009, I was getting married in May, and wanted to look and feel the best I possibly could. I was always in shape in high school, but was still the “little guy”. When I was 23 (2001) I started working road construction, and was on the road every week from March-November. I ate fast food and restaurants every day, and thought I was making reasonably healthy choices…I was wrong. Every year my abs were disappearing more and more, and my belly kept growing the wrong way! Just before my wedding I was seeing the P90X infomercials, and decided that was what was going to get me in shape for my wedding. I followed the workouts, and the nutrition, and made it two months to the day before my wedding. I got good results and lost 30 lbs, went from about 18% body fat to about 12%. After returning from my wedding, I never started back up. My eating slowly went back to my old habits, and my weight slowly crept back on. Fast forward to 2012 and one day I realized what kind of example I was on the road to setting to my two year old daughter. I didn’t want her growing up learning unhealthy habits, and I wanted to be here as long as I possibly could for her. Since then I have done P90X, Insanity, and Body Beast. I am currently doing a hybrid of all three. I always make time for my workouts and have kept my eating clean, and I am down to 6-7% body fat. Another thing I do now that I didn’t the first time around is track everything I eat, which is a HUGE key to success with these programs. My daughter loves to work out with me everyday, and makes sure to remind me that we need to “wooorkout!”. She is my reason for continuing to push play everyday! I still work on the road, and I believe it is one of the ultimate tests of being able to stay committed to the workouts and nutrition.  I became a coach in Jan 2013 to try and help other “road warriors” in my situation, and anyone and everyone else too!

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