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The start of Allan’s story is common to a lot of people. Weight slowly creeps up on you. You go to college, get married, have a kid, and the pounds just add up one by one. But where most people stop and just deal with it, Allan decided to make a change!

I love getting to have Allan on the team. He is passionate about fitness and a super smart guy (has an actual PhD). I  got to workout with Allan this year at Summit and he can BRING IT! He is now in the Year of the Beast group and crushing it there.

Congrats Allan! Your story is amazing and I know you will never be going back!

Allan’s Story

You know, weight gain really does sneak up on you. I wasn’t big growing up, but throughout college and after I got married and started graduate school, the pounds slowly started adding up. In the fall of 2012, I found myself at 5’10”, 230 lbs, and 30% body fat. My blood pressure was too high, and I was on medication for elevated cholesterol. All at the ripe age of 25. I knew that if nothing changes, I was headed down a path that led to obesity and serious health problems. At that same time, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our first son. I knew at that point that it was no longer about me anymore. I needed to change my habits for my own health, but more importantly, I needed to change to lead my family down the path of health and fitness. I took the leap and started doing P90X 6 days/week and tracking my food. I dropped 64 lbs, getting down to 166 lbs at 7% body fat. I’m not done though. You can always improve. Now, my goals are to be bigger, stronger, faster, more agile, more flexible, and more durable. It’s constant work, but over this time, I’ve learned to love the grind.

Now, I am taking what I’ve learned about exercise and nutrition and am sharing it others so they may succeed in changing your health and fitness as I have. I want for others to be healthy and to be physically fit enough so that they can achieve their own goals, whatever they may be. My approach is simple…time and consistency in exercise and proper nutrition. My goal is to help others establish exercise habits and a healthy relationship with food that they can sustain long-term.


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